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Heart Flutters and Palpitations

Bertie24Bertie24 Posts: 1

Hi there

I'm 53 and about 6 weeks ago started with minor chest flutters which developed into my heart missing a beat. It's pretty terrifying and despite deep breathing and telling myself to relax it's not that easy and you are convinced something sinister is about to happen.

I've got low blood pressure, a healthy weight, avg heart ratebof 66, never drank coffee, exercised pretty regularly. Had an ECG which showed up an ectopic beat, having an echo and ECG fitness test tomorrow. Despite the Dr saying not to be concerned it's easier said than done. I do have a pretty stressful job but have been through more stressful periods than this. I'm not sure whether this is connected to the menopause but most things are so wondered what you could advise? I've had achy joints and still get the odd hot flush and have difficulty sleeping and am fatigued, this isn't helping.

I take a greens drink, magnesium citrate tho not regularity, turmeric, probiotic, fish oils. I did take a multi-vit but don't now and have got a Solgar B 100 complex and wonder whether to take that. I've read a mix of magnesium and potassium can help. I've also started to do some meditation.

I'm off work until 30th but can't let this impact the way it is at the moment. I need to get back to my life.

If you can give me any help I would be eternally grateful.

Thanks in advance.


  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hello @Bertie24 ,

    Oh no! You’re the second lady on the forum in a few days who is experiencing similar things. (I meant to reply to @Florentena earlier. Apologies! )

    I’m glad that you’re having some tests done - I hope they put your mind at rest somewhat. Meditation is a great idea too!

    It is a horrible feeling, and I understand that it’s hard not to worry. The pounding in your chest is really frightening and I used to feel it in my throat and ears too! I only experienced it a few times, but each time I was convinced that I was having a full blown heart attack. Although my GP told me not to worry, of course I did. When all my tests came back clear, I was convinced they must have missed something! 🙁 I do think that at this stage in our lives, we do tend to analyse everything to a degree we perhaps didn’t in our younger days. I don’t know if that’s menopause, or just the natural instincts of people with a few years of experience!

    It was explained to me that hormonal changes as a result of the menopause (as well as stress) could be to blame, and they were likely to be temporary and nothing to worry about. It certainly turned out to be the case for me, and let’s hope for you also.

    I did find that the more I thought (and worried) about it, the more stressed I got, and the more the palpitations became a problem. It was a vicious circle!

    Nowadays my hormones are under control with the help of HRT, and I use mindfulness apps to keep my anxious mind relaxed and under control. It makes a huge difference to me, and it also helps me to sleep! I use the Clarity app by one of our experts @Becks_Armstrong but there are others available too. I like the guided sessions - it means I just have to relax and follow the voice, or I can have just a background track if I want to concentrate a little less. I always feel so much better afterwards.

    I also discovered that my antihistamine at the time (Terfenadine) was a possible cause of the palpitations, so perhaps if you are taking any medication regularly you could check whether that might be a cause too?

    Good luck tomorrow 😊

  • Becks_ArmstrongBecks_Armstrong Posts: 33 Menopause Mindfulness Expert
    edited April 2019

    Hi @Bertie24 I just wanted to check and see how you got on with your ECG fitness test - was it able to explain the flutters?

    There are a few reasons why you might be coming up with these palpitations so it's good to get them checked out with your doctor to make sure that you don't miss something.

    Your body will be changing with menopause and can sometimes do some very unexpected things 😁It is really normal that you will experience a change in your ability to cope with your stress levels, the changes in your oestrogen can have an impact on your ability to cope with stress (it can also change your sleep which can also impact your stresss/anxiety levels).

    I agree with @Kaz and would highly recommend starting to think about doing some mindfulness (we have a session called InstaCalm in the Clarity app https://clarity.app that's specifically for panic attacks and heart palpitations) and also maybe thinking about doing some yoga as well to connect with your mind, body and breath.

    If you get the feeling and don't have access to the app my best recommendation is to have a happy place or person that you think of (if you think about who/where that might be in advance you can use it when/if the time comes). No one ever calmed down by saying calm down but we know from research if you think of your place/person that makes you calm and happy it will help to slow your breathing. You can also just concentrate on your breath coming in and going out, trying to make the "out" breath slightly longer than the in breath which has an instant effect of slowing your heart rate.

    I hope all the tests come back as clear and this is just a phase that passes quickly for you. All the very best.


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