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I turned 60 in December. I began having menopause symptoms in my early 40’s. Two of my symptoms were heavy bleeding and longer periods. I remember telling my husband it would eventually become 100% of the time. I decided to have uterine ablation. That was over 10 years ago. Problem solved.

After a few years without as much as a drop of blood I began noticing very small amounts of blood on toilet paper. The timing of these minor “periods?” was always immediately after I spent time with young females. When I lived at home my and my sister’s periods were in sync. I have not shared a dwelling with any other females since getting married.

I began to notice this phenomenon repeat itself infrequently, but when it did it was ALWAYS after spending time with young (fertile?) women. I asked my doctor and she said the fact that I’m bleeding at all means I am still peri menopausal.

I’d love to know if there is any science that might explain this. Also, it’s still happening!!


  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hi @gardenlane ,


    My Mum used to say something along the same lines, but I genuinely have no idea!

    I'm tagging a couple of our experts @Nicki_Williams and @Maryon_Stewart - perhaps they'll have some experience or an explanation for you? 😊

  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi gardenlane

    I've heard about women living in the same house having periods at the same time but not of being around fertile women. This would be really interesting to know about.

    Do you find that if you aren't around anyone fertile you don't bleed?

    I'm going to look in to this, although I hope it's not true as it's only me and my 23 year old daughter at home and I sure don't want to bleed every month she does lol. X

  • gardenlanegardenlane Posts: 2


    When I was working I was around lots of younger women. That was when I was bleeding a lot. After the ablation I was told to expect minor periods, but I had none. Then my niece spent a summer with us when she was a college intern and that was the first time it happened. Since then it happens infrequently. But it seem to happen more often with some women than others. The reason I suspect that it has something to do with fertility is that I can almost expect it after visiting one of my daughters-in-law but not the other and, sadly she has fertility issues.

    Thanks for any info!!

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