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Feel like I'm going insane

Daysy1972Daysy1972 Posts: 2

Hi everyone I'm 46 and been menopausal for about a year just come off HRT as doing nothing for me :-( have been prescribed anti depressants but don't really want to go down that road! I feel like I'm an old lady already it's so unfair don't know where to turn :-( just want to feel like me again! I literally have all the symptoms (probably a few new ones too!!!) Has anyone taken non prescribed medicine which helped them?


  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hello @Daysy1972 ,

    Welcome to the forum!

    You are definitely NOT going insane! The menopause messes with your brain, and just makes you feel as if you are!

    What are you taking currently? Any supplements or meds at all since you stopped the HRT? It's hard to offer any suggestions without knowing what you're already taking.

    As for the HRT - it's a shame that you felt you had to stop. Sometimes a change of HRT works well. It's like most treatments (medicines or herbal) - some will suit you and work well, others just won't be right for you. It's a pain, but it can take a few tweaks to get things right for you. It's been one of the hardest things for me to deal with during the menopause - I wanted things to work far quicker than they actually will. I've had to learn a great deal of patience!

    One of our experts @Maryon_Stewart was giving advice to some other ladies on her discussion thread just yesterday about supplements to take during the menopause.

    Perhaps there will be something there that might suit your needs? 😊

  • Daysy1972Daysy1972 Posts: 2

    Hi Kaz thank you for replying! I was on femoston 1/10mg just stopped two days ago and have been prescribed mirtazspine anti depressants other than that I hadn't taken anything else! Thanks for the link you suggested I'm gonna take a look x thanks again

  • Lesley53Lesley53 Posts: 1

    hi Daysy I too am suffering with my anxiety at the moment. I’ve been on HRT and Sertraline 50mg (AD) for 2 years now. I’m post menopausal. My doctor put me on HRT and ADs as I went into her surgery feeling really anxious. Anyway I was absolutely fine for the last 2 years with only alittle anxiety on and off. So I decided to come off the ADs but think I cut down too quickly - anyway my anxiety has now kicked in again particularly in a morning when I can feel the adrenaline building up from the minute I open my eyes! So I too feel like I’m losing my mind! You are not alone Daysy I know exactly how you feel x

  • Casper123Casper123 Posts: 4

    how long did you give the HRT to work? I'm coming upto six weeks on my patches.. just starting to feel alittle better x

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Glad you’re feeling a bit better @Casper123 .

    You’re right - it can take a good while before you start to feel more like yourself, and sometimes the hardest thing is hanging on for that long! I’m coming up to almost three months on patches, and although they are working, I think they maybe need a bit of a tweak to iron out the last of the symptoms, so that’s a conversation I need to have at my review in a couple of weeks.

    Hope you continue to feel better 😊

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