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Bad day...need help!

NanNan Posts: 9

Hello ladies! Oh man am I feeling the strain of the hormones today. I feel depressed and just overall moody and unhappy. I'm going to go to my pharmacy after work to discuss some over the counter more natural help. Have any suggestions? Really struggling with my weight and getting out of bed feels like an Olympic sport. Something has to change before I lose my mind! Lol


  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hello again @Nan

    Some days are just a struggle aren't they?

    When I feel overwhelmed with it all, and I'm at home then of course I try to take a walk or get out in the garden. I hate to admit it, but some kind of outdoor exercise always makes me feel a bit happier.

    I also like to listen to something on my mindfulness app. I'm currently using the Clarity app by one of our lovely experts @Becks_Armstrong. I'm amazed at how much calmer it makes me feel after just a short session. It does take a bit of time to get used to being mindful, and I know with a little one running around, there may be limited time available for you to do this, but you could give it a go. There's also an instacool session for those hot flushes - and it really worked well! The worst that can happen is you have ten minutes peace and quiet for yourself! I find just ten minutes away from whatever is causing me grief is sometimes all it needs to let me gain control again. But I know that's not always possible when you're at work, so I used to take myself off to the bathroom just to take a breath and try to shake it off!

    I don't think there are any easy answers, but perhaps it helps a little to know that you're not on your own and you're not the only one that feels this way.

    I found that the supplement 5HTP was really helpful for me to keep on top of my anxiety and depression. You can't take it if you are already taking anti depressants, but it's perhaps something you could look into?

    One lady on the forum uses aromatherapy to help her and at the risk of sounding like an old lady, I love lavender oil in a diffuser - I find it very soothing!

    I guess there are lots of options out there - the trick is finding one that works for you!

    Hope you feel better Nan! 😊

  • NanNan Posts: 9

    Thank you so much Kaz! I took a long lunch met my husband and that helped 😊

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod
  • Nursesally91Nursesally91 Posts: 16

    Hi ladies I’ve been recommended to try magnesium & B6 & sage oil for sweats & mood swings. My weight also getting me down. Prior to hysterectomy I had lost 1 stone 8lb in perimenopause stage then I’ve put half stone back on and yet I’m now more active than I’ve been in years going up Gym 4 times a week plus following my weight watchers plans 😪😪

  • NanNan Posts: 9

    Yes nursesally91 that is exactly what is the worst for me too.

    I went to my pharmacy today and got estroven for healthy metabolism and weight management. I'm really hoping that helps. It doesn't have any drugs or estrogen in it, but it does have soy so thats a natural estrogen. I'll let you know how it works 😊

  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi ladies

    The daily struggle we have is unbearable at times and I think we all have to try various different things to help us. The mindfulness app is brilliant and even just downloading soothing sounds app on your phone can sometimes help.

    As for Weight, the only thing I have found that works for me is cutting out refined sugar. I lost 10lb in 2 weeks alone by doing this.

    Refined sugar and carbs are the worst things we can eat at this point in our lives.

    Your husband sounds very supportive which helps more than you will ever realise.

    Good luck x

  • Donsonia12Donsonia12 Posts: 11

    Hi Julie I find if I have even one vodka drink chocolate my anixety panic attacks are so high then I have to drink Chamolie tea

  • ManjafieManjafie Posts: 2

    Hi everyone, I’m a newbie and just reading this thread has made me realise I’m not alone.

    I have suffered with depression and anxiety all my adult life and now at 49 it’s got worse. It is a struggle to get out of bed some days. I live alone and do not work due to my mental health. I lost my best friend last September to breast cancer and had a big fall out with my sister 18 months ago. Both were huge in my life and I feel lost without them.

    Im not wanting sympathy, just want you to know that we are never alone in this struggle.

    I am on antidepressants and betablockers for anxiety and depression. I’ve just started to take evening primrose oil and have been taking a supermarket brand menopause supplement on and off for some time. I find I feel better when I take it regularly. My doctor suggested the progesterone coil but I don’t want to go down that route.

    Sending hugs to all you lovely ladies going through this. It’s always good to talk and not feel so isolated xx

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hello @Manjafie ,

    Welcome to the forum.

    I'm so sorry to read what you've been going through, but I'm delighted that you can see that you're not alone. For me, I think the best thing about the forum is realising that there are other women dealing with lots of similar things as me. It really helps to know I'm not on my own!

    I think that you're right - you need to take supplements (or medicines) regularly for them to have the most effect. It's great that you're taking steps to help with your symptoms.

    I hope you've had a good look around the forum - there are lots of tips and information about all sorts of menopausal issues that you might find helpful! 😊

  • ManjafieManjafie Posts: 2

    Thank you Kaz, it can be so isolating feeling low. Just knowing there are others out there is a comfort and on the days you feel like you’re really going mad, you’re not alone x

  • MaryMary Posts: 14

    Hi I'm a newbie and menopause sucks but we are all in it together - I suffer with uro-genito atrophy and it has distressing effects but my GP says its normal for me xxx

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hello @Mary,

    Its nice to see you here.

    Atrophy is hard to deal with. I hope you're managing to get all the help you need!

    You're right - menopause sucks, but I hope a little less with other women to talk to about it! 😊

  • MaryMary Posts: 14

    Hi Kaz - good to hear from you - atrophy isn’t talked about very much and it should be- I read everything I could about it - I never realised what the menopause could do to yr body and the retreat of oestrogen - I lose blood as a result - but less as a result of. Using oestrogen cream. I thought the menopause was only about Night sweats and headaches - if only!!! XX

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    You're right. It's not something that gets discussed and it should! I'm not sure which day it is, but #RockMyMenopause by PCWHF launches next week as part of the BBC Menopause Week on BBC Breakfast. I don't know if you've heard of them? Primary Care Womens Health Forum - helping women become more menopause aware. I thought you might find the attached from their website interesting. 😊

    And hopefully you might see something useful during the week !

  • NanNan Posts: 9

    Hi all of you beautiful ladies! Yes it is so good to be able to talk with other ladies so we know we're in this together!

    Anxiety has always been a struggle for me but thank God I'm managing it. It is so much worse in menapause!

    Update: I am off the estrogen patch and am taking estroven for weight and metabolism. Love it! I feel so much better on that than I ever did on the patch. But that won't be the case for everyone I'm sure. I'm no longer gaining weight but am down 7lbs 😊 I've also joined weight watchers and really love that too!

    We just have to keep moving forward ladies with our "new normal", encouraging each other along the way 😉

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    It’s lovely to hear you sounding so positive @Nan !

    Sometimes it takes a while to find something that works for you, and it can be frustrating dealing with symptoms until you get it right.

    I love that we have a positive result from you - it helps to give everyone a boost!

    Continued good luck with the weight loss too! 😊♥️

  • NanNan Posts: 9

    Thanks Kaz!

  • MaryMary Posts: 14

    Hi Kaz - thank you so much for the info u provided xx

  • MarienichollsMarienicholls Posts: 6

    Hi Manjafie I'm also new on here and I can totally understand how you must be feeling I also suffer from anxiety depression panic attacks and agitation I have found it hard to speak about but there is no shame in mental health issues I have also found my symptoms have worsened since becoming perimenopausal but I find taking walks in the park a great help so If you need to talk to anyone please feel free to contact me on here as I know just how you're feeling xx Dawn

  • Judith12Judith12 Posts: 2

    Hello Marie I am also new on here, suffering badly with anxiety, dizziness, metallic taste in my mouth etc. I'm 54 and didn't realise the menopause would be so bad. Trying to get out each day as I feel really anxious about going out. I have spoken to the doctor about hrt and I have got to go back next week. I hope something will work for me xx

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hello @Judith12


    It's a bit of a shock to the system when you realise just how many symptoms there are!

    Anxiety is very common - it's good that you make the effort to try to go out, and it's great that you have an appointment to see your GP for some help.

    Nowadays my hormones are under control with the help of HRT, and I use mindfulness apps to keep my anxious mind relaxed and under control. It makes a huge difference to me, and it also helps me to sleep! I use the Clarity app by one of our experts @Becks_Armstrong but there are others available too. I like the guided sessions - it means I just have to relax and follow the voice, or I can have just a background track if I want to concentrate a little less. I always feel so much better, and far less stressed afterwards. Perhaps that's something that might help you?

    Hope it goes well with your GP! 😊

  • Judith12Judith12 Posts: 2

    Thanks for your reply, I have suffered with anxiety in the past, the doctor has given me a low dose antidepressant, but this is different. I've never had the dizziness, shaking, metallic taste or sweating before, sometimes I feel like I can't speak. After reading some of the posts on here it has helped me to see there is light at the end of the tunnel. I will try the clarity app. Thankyou!

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