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Feeling suicidal

Fifo50Fifo50 Posts: 2

I’m perimenopausal I have hot flushes, palpatations and really bad depression I keep falling out with people at work I can’t control my emotions I’ve asked for help and doctor put me on antidepressants as I’m not officially menopausal although I miss my periods and sometimes have two in one month. Nobody seems to understand this hole I feel I’m in my husband doesn’t other people I know are just having hot flushes and I have no where to go I feel like if I don’t get a grip I’ll lose my job. My manager is a man. I feel suicidal can’t stop crying


  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hello @Fifo50 ,

    THANK YOU for reaching out to us. I'm really keen to help and reassure you.

    I can sense the utter despair in your message and I want you to know that you are NOT alone!

    I, and I'm sure other women on the forum, recognise the feelings and symptoms you describe so clearly.

    Before I try to address the menopause issues you are dealing with, I am very, very concerned to read that you feel suicidal.

    Do you currently feel as if you want to harm yourself, or have you done anything to harm yourself?

    If so - please immediately dial 999 and ask for help.

    The best thing you can do right now is talk to someone....

    If you are feeling suicidal and need to talk, you can reach out to these organisations. I would encourage you to do so.

    We all need help from time to time - and the people who take the calls can offer you that support.

    • Breathing Space on 0800 83 85 87 (24 hours at weekends, Fri–Mon 6pm–6am and Mon–Thurs 6pm–2am)
    • Samaritans on 116 123 (24 hours, 7 days a week)

    Please let me know how you are feeling right now.

    It's so important that you know there is help out there for you.

  • Fifo50Fifo50 Posts: 2

    Thankyou for your message this perimenopause feels like hell my hormones are all over the place I will call those people thankyou❤️

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    That's a great start @Fifo50!

    Hormone hell is a brilliant description!

    I will also sit down and message you later. I'm so glad you reached out today 💕

  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod
    edited April 2019

    Hello again @Fifo50 ,

    I was so concerned with your earlier post that I didn't properly welcome you to the forum! I'm so glad that you found us, and that you felt able to share your concerns with us.

    I hope you've had a chance to have a look around at some of the things that other women are talking about, and I hope that seeing these stories might help you to realise what I was saying earlier. You are definitely NOT on your own. 

    There are a lot of us out there, who have or still do, feel very much like you do at the moment. I know that it can sometimes feel very much as if you are on your own and no one understands what you are going through, but the forum is proof positive that others are fighting similar battles.

    Your symptoms can sometimes feel very overwhelming, and it's no wonder that you are feeling so low.

    You mentioned that you are taking anti depressants. How long have you been on your medication? If it's a recent thing for you, it can sometimes take a few weeks for you to see any improvement.

    I would really urge you speak to your GP again about the way you are feeling. If you don't feel comfortable with the one you have already seen, then you should be able to request to see someone else in the same practice. Don't feel bad about that. It's important that you speak to someone you can relate to.

    I always recommend writing a list of the things you need to say to your doctor. Whenever I go to the surgery, I forget what I'm there for (brain fog!), and it's so much easier for me to have things in a clear list that I can give to the doctor. It also shows them that I've given some thought to my reason for visiting them, and it helps me not to forget anything!

    My list of concerns if I were you would be feeling suicidal, uncontrollable crying, hot flushes, palpitations, feeling very low, overwhelming emotion, irregular periods. The impact of these symptoms on your relationship with your husband. Your fears for your job. These are all very real issues, and your GP needs to have all of this information if they are to help you appropriately. It's so important that you are honest with your doctor.

    I'm attaching a fact sheet about perimenopause. I think when you read it, you will see a lot of familiar symptoms. I don't know how you feel about taking HRT - but it's important that you know you have options, and you shouldn't be afraid about asking for the help you want.

    I really hope that it's helped to reach out to us today, and I sincerely hope that you feel able to go back and ask for the help that you need.

    I hope to see you back on the forum soon 😊

  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod
    edited April 2019

    Hi @Fifo50

    Welcome to the group. First I must apologise for not responding earlier. Thank you for reaching out and discussing how you feel, it's a good start.

    Can I ask if you have contacted anybody Kaz advised you to and how you are feeling now ?

    You are not alone on this journey and we will all be here to support you as much as we can but you definitely need some professional help and support to help you get through this.

    Please keep in touch and let us know how you are X

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