I have terrible pain in my left knee and hip at night and a bit in day too. Any pain relief ideas?

I am in the meopause. No periods for yrs. Taking curcumin 500mg, cod liver oil high strength 500 mg,high strength eve.prim.oil 1000mg, magnesium and vit.B6, 375mg, and glucosamine sulphate 2KCI 1000mg , all one tablet after dinner in evening, each day.

Some recomm.by my GP. Others I researched online for joint pain. But the pain is still awful at night! I eat healthily but am overweight. Slimming world diet for yrs. lIADS of whokemeal stuff, pulses, green veg, fruit galore, meat, etc. Hardly any caffeine. No alcohol. Exercise daily and walk alot too.

I really miss my sleep and can’t get comfy in any position at night. Any ideas would be great. Tk u so much. 😬

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