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HRT or No HRT.....?

DonnacDonnac Posts: 1

I am 52 this month and up until i was about 50 I was on Cerezette contraceptive pill. I never had any periods on this pill and stopped taking this about 15 months ago and after a few months I had a light normal period. I have since then (over a year) had no period.

I am constantly hot, constantly needing to get up in the night for the loo, hot sweats, weird feelings in my head (like i am not quite here), I am tired.

Now this last few weeks i have had a horrible feeling "down below". It just does not feel right. It aches (a feeling that i can only describe as what i used to get before a period came - heavy bloated dragging feeling) but still no period.

Are these all symptoms that would be stopped by HRT? I am unsure whether to go to my doctor about it all. My mum had breast cancer at late 70s and i know that HRT is a known factor (my mum never took HRT).

Please can anyone advise me what to do. The summer is coming and i am scared of overheating! I also cannot stand this aching dragging feeling "down below"!!!


  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hi Donna,

    Welcome to the forum, and for sharing your first post with us.

    I’ve attached three links for you to have a look at, which I hope will put your mind at rest regarding HRT if that’s the route you and your doctor decide to go. And I do think you need to go and have a conversation with your GP. I certainly recognise the symptoms you are describing, and I’m sure other ladies on the forum will too. The “dragging” feeling is clearly worrying you, so it makes sense to go and put your mind to rest.

    I completely understand wanting to get control of the hot flushes before the summer weather kicks in! They’re even less pleasant in the hotter months!

    I hope the links prove useful for you, if only to help you ask informed questions of your own GP. Dr Newson (the menopause doctor in the links) talks a lot of sense about the menopause, and helped me to make some informed choices about the treatment I wanted to help with my symptoms.

    Hope this helps!

  • karenfrenchykarenfrenchy Posts: 3

    I've started using the ladycare magnet, 4 days after using it I'm not getting and hot flushes, i highly recommend anyone to give it a go. Karen French.

  • kimco1kimco1 Posts: 1

    Hi. my last period was when I was 59. yes 59. I am now going through the menopause , at 6o.

    With so many symptoms I still can not get an answer from the GP, Is 60 too old to start on HRT? Is there anything else to help me if I am too old for HRT?



  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hi Kim,


    Have you had a look at the links above from Dr Louise Newson? In one of them she says that there are some women still on HRT into their 80's. She says there is no specific age at which you should stop HRT, so by that same token, and given that your last period was when you were 59 (!), I guess there's an argument for being allowed to start HRT if you are experiencing menopausal symptoms. The issue I suppose will be finding a sympathetic GP who is up to date with current menopause treatments, but as long as you keep up to date with reviews, mammograms etc, then it was me, I would certainly argue the case for being allowed HRT.

    If you get a no, there are lots of things you can try to help with your symptoms. If you have a look at the Ask Me Anything discussions in the forum, there are lots of helpful suggestions from experts on which supplements to take, food choices, in fact all sorts of things to try!

    Hope this helps! 😊

  • Bubbles67Bubbles67 Posts: 3

    Hi, in the past I have taken HRT in the form of patches, they were brilliant, worked well with me for years. But unfortunately the doctors take you off after so many years for health reasons. I have since tried nearly everything and nothing works. But do try all that is suggested to you, and just maybe, there will be something there for you.

    Best of luck 😊

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