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Digestive problems -

tilly04tilly04 Posts: 2

Hello all - I'm new to the groups - am in peri - am 47 & periods are far & few between & barely anything at all. Hot flushes are manageable in day- night sweats & interrupted sleep are a constant at the mo. However main concern at the moment is my bowel & digestion. I've been having bouts of trapped wind, diarrhoea & now mucus when I try & poo - so sorry TMI ! anyone else having this but been checked by doc & is part & parcel of the wonderful menopause? 😥 thank you x


  • KazKaz Posts: 475 mod

    Hi Tilly,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Menopause is the gift that just keeps giving isn’t it?

    I know that the change in hormone levels can cause a change in bowel habits, with lots of women experiencing symptoms such as constipation, so by that token, I guess it’s not too far a stretch to see that it could also cause what you are describing. Maryon Stewart answered a question about constipation on the forum a few weeks ago and made some suggestions.. Whilst constipation isn’t relevant to you, she does say that the gut has issues when our nutrient levels fall.... so what you’re experiencing seems to make sense.

    As ever though, we would always recommend seeing a GP for new symptoms, especially when your gut is involved. 😊


    Posts: 17 Menopause Expert

    February 12

    I’m so pleased you shared this as it’s a subject we hardly share and yet at least half of women going through menopause suffer with constipation and it certainly doesn’t make us feel very sexy. The muscles in the gut are thrown into disarray when our nutrient levels fall, particularly magnesium which is necessary for normal gut function. We know that up to 80% of women have low magnesium levels. Taking a supplement of MagAsorb, the magnesium citrate supplement that is gentle on the gut can help the muscles work normally. In addition, taking a couple of tablespoons of fibre rich golden flaxseeds, which happen also to be a good source of naturally occurring oestrogen, will help to soften your motions so that they are far easier to pass.  

  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi Tilly

    Welcome to the group. Have you ever been tested for IBS? It may be worth keeping a food diary and seeing if any type of food in particular makes symptoms worse. I had a friend with the same thing and she has now found out that her body can't tolerate onion garlic and green veg. She has taken these out of her diet and the symptoms have stopped. Also a food diary will help the Dr when diagnosing.

    Good luck :)

  • CatCCatC Posts: 3

    Hi Tilly, yet another symptom I don’t think I realised I had! I alternate between constipation and a loose bowel. I have been on Magnesium supplements for last 3 months (to help increase libido, which hasn’t worked for that by the way lol) but have noticed my bowel movements have settled down hugely and are a lot more regular, so as Maryon Stewart suggests above, Magnesium supplements really worth a try

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