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My GP doesn't listen

Hi, I'm new here, I think some lovely peeps here can help me more than my useless doctor. I'm 47, my last period was all the way through Christmas and very heavy and nasty, so much so that my 19 year old daughter had to cook the Christmas dinner. I didn't know what was happening to me, because I haven't come on since Christmas my doctor thought I was pregnant! (Obviously not as I've no sex drive left whatsoever) so I toddled off to my doctor again, she said "Oh! I'm not giving you anything for it! " I'm sat here now and for about 2 weeks I've had sore boobies and period like cramps, mood swings, crying at the slightest thing, aching all over like the flu, when I stand up it sounds like I'm walking on bubble wrap lol! all joints cracking, I've an understanding partner, but he actually made me take a pregnancy test too as he shoots blanks lol. I'm glad I found this site with peeps going through the same, thank you x


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    Oh hello GrumpyPunklady! (LOVE your screen name!)

    Welcome to the forum.

    Reading your post makes me SO CROSS for you! It’s a subject that comes up again and again on menopause websites, including ours! It’s so frustrating! I’ve had that same appt experience with my own GP, so many times, and it used to make me so angry! The trouble is, when you’re already feeling low and emotional, it’s so hard to fight your corner!

    I’m not a doctor - but when you list your symptoms it sounds to me as if you are peri menopausal. I suspect you’ve some to the same conclusion yourself , and you’d like for someone medical to acknowledge and confirm it for you. I always think it makes everything easier to deal with if you have a name for whatever is happening to you, and it’s horrible to go to the one person you think will be able to help you, and come away feeling invisible!

    How to help you? If changing your GP isn’t an option, and I know that’s not always going to be a choice you can make, perhaps you could swap to another GP in the same practice. I know I’ve said it before to other women, but I found that I got more notice taken of me when I went prepared to my appointment. I made a list. Wrote it all down! I listed my symptoms. I added dates where I could. I listed the impact that symptoms were having on my life, and I went armed with a list of questions I wanted answers to.

    The reality is, that we only have ten minutes approximately to make an impact on a GP, and to get our problems out in the open. The list needs to be concise and clear, with short and simple statements and try to have in mind, what you want your GP to do for you. Do you want medication? Do you want to be referred to someone for specialist help? Do you want to discuss something like HRT if it’s appropriate for you? Do you need to change medication that you are already taking? It might sound like you’re planning a military operation, but the reality is that we want you to be taken seriously, and the way to do that is to be prepared and organised, and show the GP that you are serious, and aren’t going to be fobbed off with no options.

    I would make another appointment as soon as I could. With the same GP if there’s no alternative, And I would be prepared to say that you’ve already had an appointment but felt that you hadn’t been offered any constructive help. Take your partner if you’re both comfortable with that. (It impacts them too!). Your list will allow you to stay focussed and highlight your problems, and hopefully you’ll be able to have a conversation with a GP that gets you a result!

    Dont be afraid to challenge your Doctor.....

    They aren’t living with the impact of your symptoms. Some GPs sadly, just aren’t up to date with modern ways to treat menopausal women.

    Be strong, and be firm! Let us know how you get on! 😊

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