How many of your lovely ladies have struggled with constipation since being menopausal? its something I struggle with on a daily basis. I can go up to a week without going sometimes. im currently taking senokot daily but one tablet does nothing and two gives me a stomach ache. what do you take and how do you feel? I don't want to be constantly running to the loo while in work.

Is it a problem you've always had or is it another lovely issue that has come along with the menopause?

lets talk poo ladies :)


  • KazKaz Posts: 482 mod

    I'm delighted to say it's not one of the symptoms I've had to deal with. I know lots of women do though! The question was asked on the Ask Me Anything event with Maryon Stewart recently, and this is the answer she gave. Hope it helps!

    I’m so pleased you shared this as it’s a subject we hardly share and yet at least half of women going through menopause suffer with constipation and it certainly doesn’t make us feel very sexy. The muscles in the gut are thrown into disarray when our nutrient levels fall, particularly magnesium which is necessary for normal gut function. We know that up to 80% of women have low magnesium levels. Taking a supplement of MagAsorb, the magnesium citrate supplement that is gentle on the gut can help the muscles work normally. In addition, taking a couple of tablespoons of fibre rich golden flaxseeds, which happen also to be a good source of naturally occurring oestrogen, will help to soften your motions so that they are far easier to pass.  

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