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I am Maryon Stewart, a healthcare expert who is often referred to as the Pioneer of the Natural Menopause Movement. 

Over the last 27 years, I have helped hundreds of thousands of women around the world overcome PMS and menopause symptoms, reclaiming their wellbeing.  

Using my years of knowledge and expertise, I coach women in understanding the information, tools and techniques needed to get well, to the point that they are completely symptom-free.

I now help women through one-on-one virtual consultations all over the world. In summer of 2017, by demand from the Facebook Group members, I launched my six week virtual Boot Camp, a live online learning initiative, based on my successful five month programme.  The Boot Camp has become a huge success in the UK, helping women to overcome symptoms, reclaim their wellbeing and turning women’s lives around in a matter of six weeks.

I believe passionately that all women should be able to reclaim their wellbeing at menopause.  My goal is to help all women go from being a slave to their hormones to feeling better than they can ever remember no matter what their circumstances improve their, quality of life and relationships.

I have written 27 popular self-help books, co-authored a series of medical papers, written regular columns for numerous daily newspapers and magazines, and had my own TV and radio shows.  I write regularly for the Daily Mail.

I'm here to answer your questions on all things love related and getting your mojo back!

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  • JaysgirlJaysgirl Posts: 1
    I have found that once I orgasam I literally push my husband  out. I literally clam up that's it, it's really annoying, and I feel really bad for my husband he is great and we now laugh about it, but it's not good to how love making 
  • Sol1Sol1 Posts: 6
    Hello why do I suffer so much with aches and pains ?
  • Donna55Donna55 Posts: 1
    Hi I'm really struggling at the moment with lack of sleep I've tried everything but nothing works also my emotions are all over the place I've been to the doctor's on numerous of occasions but all's they want to give me is antidepressants and I don't want to take them ,is there anything that I can do/take to stop me feeling the way I do 
    Thank you
  • Green15Green15 Posts: 5
    I am currently taking the boot camp kit.
    In the kit is the premensil  (red clover )normal strength.  Is it ok to take the  double strength one along is it ok to take the femmenessence  MacaPause  with warm water.  Finding it difficult  drinking cold water  in the morning.  I was advised  to take it one hour  before  eating is that the case
  • mucket1971mucket1971 Posts: 5


    I'm 47 years old and came off the contraceptive pill around 5 months ago - I've had no period at all and am struggling with hot flushes, especially at night which is causing disturbed sleep so I am permanently tired

    Also struggling to lose the few kilos I have put on over the last 12 months

    Any advice.  Thanks  Karen

  • KazKenn24KazKenn24 Posts: 51 ✭✭
    Hi Maryon,
    I'll be fifty this year. After 14 years of asking, I have finally been allowed to try HRT patches, and put the first one on yesterday. Previously I couldn't even get a GP to have a discussion about HRT because I get migraines, and I was simply told it wasn't an option for me.
    Now that I'm using HRT, how quickly should I expect it to work, and should I stop taking the bucket load of supplements I've been using up till now to treat symptoms like hot flushes, low mood and unbearable insomnia.
    How will I know it's working at this dose? I've been given enough for a month. Is that enough time to see a real difference?
  • ColdfeetColdfeet Posts: 2
    Im 1 year on from ovarian cancer and after a full hysterectomy and 6 rounds of chemo i have been thrown straight into the menopause . I look in the mirror and see a stranger . I look different ( due to the new hair after loosing mine ) and feel different.  Ive lost my spark and most definitely my mo jo . My family have watch me go through hell this past year and i feel so guilty for putting them through that . My husband found it hard and i pushed him away a bit as i didnt feel sexy or looked sexy with my scar and bald head . I have gone of sex and lost my convidence . I dont no if its the menopause or what ive been through thats done it but my mo jo has definitely gone . I want my spark back . Thanks for listening x
  • Oscar1972Oscar1972 Posts: 2
    Well get my mojo back I really wish I could, docs have said I'm premenopausal my periods for last 4 or 5 months have been late but this month I'm nearly a month late, I really love my husband but don't know what it is I'm just not interested in sex at all I'm only 46 I shouldn't be feeling like this, I do have osteoarthritis and fubrfibromya so suffer badly with joint pain fiteuge and and not able to sleep, I've recently started taken CBD oil to help me sleep and with pain and I've been told it can help sex drive but it's not helped me with that it just helps sleep, I'm on medication pregablin and I've wondered if it's that or is it all to do with the change, I want the old me back I want my mojo back, hlep please xx
  • DrPepperDrPepper Posts: 3
    how long should you take promensil high strength for? i’m just into post menopause. thanks 
  • Hi, I  suffer from vaginal dryness , I have tried several creams and  internal tablets all  of which  don't seem to help  my skin gets very irrated  and peels off  can you offer any advice  and  treatment  
  • hessomhessom Posts: 110 ✭✭✭

    Hi everybody, thank you for joining us for the AMA with Maryon Stewart! She's now live and with us for the next hour. She's just setting up and we'll be starting in the next few moments!

  • Maryon_StewartMaryon_Stewart Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    On the plus side, you are sexually active and able to have an orgasm. So many women at this life stage are not. I would suggest you communicate with your husband and agree a strategy before you begin making love. If you work together I am sure you can find a way to work it out. You might mix things up a bit by using the organic lubricant YES! Men report they find the oil-based version of the product most satisfying. 

  • Maryon_StewartMaryon_Stewart Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    Very often aches and pains are associated with nutritional deficiency. Some very important nutrients become in short supply as we age, especially if we have had babies and breast fed, be followed countless diets, had lots of stress to deal with and maybe drowned our sorrows with a little too much alcohol. It’s probably worth taking a good strong multi-vitamin and mineral supplement like Fema 45+ and in addition some fish oils. A huge percentage of women have low vitamin D levels too, especially in winter, leaving them feeling achy and tired. Taking additional vitamin D would be my other recommendation. You need to give it all at least two or three months to filter into your system. 

  • Maryon_StewartMaryon_Stewart Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    The short answer is yes Donna. It’s hard to give you a very comprehensive answer in this short space, but I’ll do my best. When we reach perimenopause we are often firing on two cylinders instead of 4. Levels of important nutrients including the minerals magnesium, zinc, iron and calcium, essential fatty acids and vitamins B and D in particular are often at an all-time low. Deficiency of these nutrients prevents our brain chemistry and hormones from functioning normally, which causes our emotions and moods to fluctuate with little warning. Throw in falling levels of oestrogen at the time of the menopause and it becomes difficult to function normally or sleep well. Sorting out poor sleep isn’t just about popping a pill. If you haven’t already you need to take caffeine out of your diet, cut right down on alcohol and eat wholesome food little and often. In addition, to boosting your nutrient levels through diet take Fema45+ and taking the valerian rich NiteHerb to help you sleep more peacefully.  

  • Maryon_StewartMaryon_Stewart Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    A.   It’s not uncommon for it to take a while for periods to re-establish after being on the contraceptive pill for a long time. Equally, women often go into an early menopause and it’s possible that’s what happening to you. It certainly sounds like you are at the perimenopause stage at the very least, which are those 5 years leading up to the actual menopause. I wonder if you still have that cyclic feeling – in other words, does it feel like your period is coming, even though you don’t bleed. That’s very common too. When oestrogen levels fall at this time of life, in order to control the flushes and night sweats we need to get our hormones back into balance. There are a number of products that can help us to achieve this. One is Promensil, the red clover product that has been through clinical trials and shown to be both safe and effective which helps to fill the oestrogen receptors in our cells. Another approach is to take supplements that help to normalise the hormone producing glands in the body like Femmenessence Macapause which has also been through a number of positive trials and the licenced herbal Black Cohosh product MenoHerb. Our metabolism slows down at midlife which is why you seem to be battling with your weight. It is possible to speed up metabolism and lose weight without dieting. I will be speaking more about this at my virtual class on Sunday. You are most welcome to join me https://maryonstewart.com/virtualclass

  • Maryon_StewartMaryon_Stewart Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    I usually recommend that women consume around 100mg of isoflavones, the naturally occurring oestrogen, each day. The oestrogen receptors in our cells don’t stay full for very long so I like to top them up little and often with both food and supplements. If you include foods containing naturally occurring oestrogen in to your diet, including soya and flaxseeds, then you should be fine taking 40mg of Promensil and Femmenessence Macpause. If you prefer to try the higher dose of Promensil you certainly can, but don’t consume phytoestrogen rich foods at the same time as the receptor sites in the cells only take so much at one time. It’s fine to take supplements with warm water and not with cold by the way and okay to take them with food. 

  • I seem to have my hot flushes under control during the day but suffering during the night.  Is there anything you can recommend.

  • Maryon_StewartMaryon_Stewart Posts: 36 Menopause Expert
    edited February 2019

    .   You have been through an awful journey. My heart goes out to you. My mum had ovarian cancer so I lived through that nightmare with her. I’m not surprised you don’t feel sexy at the moment, but it won’t always be that way. One of things about having chemo is that it knocks most nutrients sideways as it gets to work on the cancer cells. When you have low levels of nutrients it will send you into what I call ‘economy mode’. The body functions but energy, sense of humour and libido are a stretch too far. You don’t say how old you are or where you live. In an ideal world you could get your nutrient levels measured and then work to boost them back into a normal range. I have worked with many women in your situation and managed to get them feeling much more like their old self, even without lab tests. The very first thing I would advise you to do is take a broad-spectrum multi-vitamin and mineral supplement like Fema45+ to get your nutrient levels into an optimum range. Because of your history I would prefer to give you personalised advice when I know more about your story. You are most welcome to email my assistant to set up a time for us to talk [email protected]

  • Maryon_StewartMaryon_Stewart Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    It sounds to me like you are going through perimenopause, the time when your periods become irregular due to fluctuating hormone levels in your body. In my most recent survey 91% of the women said they feel their relationships are strained by their menopause and 79% report experiencing difficulty having an orgasm. So you are certainly not alone! You also clearly have other things going on in your body with the osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. I wonder whether you have had your Vitamin D levels measured? Deficiency can make you feel tired and achy. And, whether you eat oily fish like salmon, herring, pilchards or sardines full of essential fatty acids. Magnesium is another common deficiency which affects normal muscle function. There isn’t a magic pill that is going to sort out everything but taking some multi-vitamins and minerals together with MagAsorb and fish oils might be a good start. Or you could try using the Mojo kit in the shop which contains a range of products that will help to boost your libido. You can get the old you back – it just takes a bit of science-based knowledge and a few months. I’m doing a virtual class on Sunday which will be focusing on what’s going on in your body and how to boost libido. Feel free to join us.

  • Maryon_StewartMaryon_Stewart Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    Once our ovaries stop producing oestrogen we will always need to top up on oestrogen. Mother Nature provides us with oestrogen rich foods containing a variety of isoflavones, the naturally occurring oestrogen. When you get to post-menopause, which incidentally is the day after your menopause, the anniversary of your last period, you need to protect yourself against conditions including the bone thinning disease osteoporosis, heart disease and dementia. The research shows that you need to take at least 50mg of isoflavones per day as a preventative measure. So you could cut down to 40mg of Promensil at night and have a glass of soya milk or yogurt for example at a different time of the day.

  • OceanOcean Posts: 1

    I am very embarrassed about this and haven't had the courage to ask any friends but since I stopped having periods (menopause) I have really bad constipation. Sometimes I don't go for days.

  • RoxieRoxie Posts: 1

    I haven't had sex with my partner for almost a year and anxious about trying as it was painful last time - can you help?

  • MColeMCole Posts: 1

    How do I get my mojo back? I used to want sex all the time - now I'd rather eat chocolate.

  • Maryon_StewartMaryon_Stewart Posts: 36 Menopause Expert
    edited February 2019

    I wonder if you have managed to heal the tissues in the vagina before trying to have penetration? If not, you should load your diet up with a couple of servings of naturally occurring oestrogen each day and use the supplement Omega 7 SBA, the sea buckthorn plant which has been shown to increase the number of cells that produce lubrication and elasticity in the vagina. The trials show brilliant results by 3 months so it’s worth persisting. For the anxiety you experience you might like to try one of the adaptogenic herbal products that help our body deal with stress. Two of my favourites are Rhodiola and Ashwaganda. To feel a bit calmer you can take one of these about half an hour before you plan to get started.  

  • Maryon_StewartMaryon_Stewart Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    I’m so pleased you shared this as it’s a subject we hardly share and yet at least half of women going through menopause suffer with constipation and it certainly doesn’t make us feel very sexy. The muscles in the gut are thrown into disarray when our nutrient levels fall, particularly magnesium which is necessary for normal gut function. We know that up to 80% of women have low magnesium levels. Taking a supplement of MagAsorb, the magnesium citrate supplement that is gentle on the gut can help the muscles work normally. In addition, taking a couple of tablespoons of fibre rich golden flaxseeds, which happen also to be a good source of naturally occurring oestrogen, will help to soften your motions so that they are far easier to pass.  

  • Maryon_StewartMaryon_Stewart Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    I have heard this story so many times before. As I mentioned in one of the other answers in this session we did a survey last year on relationships and found that a staggering 93% of the women said their libido had decreased around the time of their menopause. The good news is that it’s possible to get back to feeling like your normal sexy self. To achieve your objective you need to do a couple of key things. One is boost your nutrient levels and the other is fool your brain into believing that you have normal circulating oestrogen. As a short cut to help boost libido I gathered together a number of science-based products which have been shown to help repair tissues as well as get you switched on below the waist. You will find these in the Mojo kit. If you suffer vaginal dryness I suggest you heal the tissues before you start taking Lady Prelox, the natural pycnogenol and amino acid product which has been shown to significantly boost libido.

  • Maryon_StewartMaryon_Stewart Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    . Fifty-five percent of the women in my relationship survey reported suffering with vaginal dryness. It sounds like you are sensitive and that’s not uncommon as these tissues are so delicate, especially when they get so thin at the time of menopause. You ideally need to use products that are chemical free. Coconut oil is both hydrating and anti-inflammatory so I’d try rubbing in a small amount to see if it suits you. Isoflavone rich food and supplements including Promensil have been shown to help heal and lubricate vaginal tissues. Omega 7 SBA 24, the sea buckthorn plant-based product has shown consistently good results in restoring the vaginal tissues and creating new lubrication producing cells. The trials show that it needs to be used for 3 months to see the full results. As you are sensitive, instead of taking the full dose, I would start with one a day for a few days and build up to the maximum dose of 4 per day.   

  • SallyTSallyT Posts: 1

    I am very muddled about how to manage my menopause and troubled by my lack of libido as it’s having a bad effect on my relationship. Do you give advice to individuals as I feel I need a bit of help and direction?

  • Maryon_StewartMaryon_Stewart Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    Yes. It’s good that you have your daytime flushes under control. Night sweats can be a bit more stubborn. Apart from obviously layering your bedclothes and sleeping in a ventilated room, you might want to consider wearing one of the new Become nighties. They are made from Anti-Flush technology fabric which is intelligent enough to tell when you are flushing and cool you down. It also takes the perspiration into the fine layers of the fabric to stop you feeling hot and sweaty and can even warm you up again if you get chilled after a night sweat. In addition to that, Promensil make a cooling spray which you can use to reduce your temperature in the night if you do wake up hot and bothered. 

  • Maryon_StewartMaryon_Stewart Posts: 36 Menopause Expert

    Whilst some women can manage with self-help measures others do need professional help. I’ve been successfully helping women manage their menopause naturally for over 27 years on a one to one basis. In the summer of 2017, due to demand from women in my Facebook Group, I established a virtual 6-Week Menopause Boot Camp which helps groups of women to reclaim their wellbeing. As well as live group sessions they also have a private group where questions get answered on a daily basis. You can get further details about my Menopause Boot Camp here and I will be talking more about a variety of ways to get help, including self-help, at my live virtual session on Sunday afternoon. You are most welcome to join me https://maryonstewart.com/virtualclass

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