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Older ladies - Severe meno symptoms in late sixties


Has anyone else experienced this? I used HRT patches (the sequential ones) from 2001 to September 2018. After that I had the odd flush, but for about two years I was really good. Lost weight, felt calmer. Now I’m 66 and have been having a really rough time of it for the last eight months with severe sweats then chills (at least once, sometimes more, every hour) day and night, little sleep, very cranky. GP checked me out for lymph problems (had chest and pelvic CT scan), thyroid etc. All fine. I was convinced it could not possibly be menopause a second time, but she can’t figure any other cause and has asked me to try a combined continuous patch for a month to see what happens. Tomorrow is the start of my second week. I’m still throwing clothing on and off, but I THINK the number and severity of sweats and chills is reducing. I have noticed that since restarting the patch my mood has plummeted and I’ve been very weepy. I still have my uterus so have to use a patch with the progesterone component included, I think it’s the progesterone causing the low mood and weeps.


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