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Vaginal flatulence

I am new to this forum. But I have some questions to ask. I had a complete hysterectomy two years ago due to HPV complications. Just recently have discovered that I have vaginal flatulence. I've been to my OBGYN and she said through my pelvic exam that everything looked good and healed. But it it's weird because I feel like I have gas from my vagina. I have nothing smelly or odor coming from there. I looked up online and it said fistulas that could be attached to my bladder or my colon. If it is I'm worried that after intercourse that HPV can get to my colon or my bladder if they are connected. Does anybody have this problem?


  • MonicaMMonicaM Posts: 337 ✭✭✭


    Welcome to the forum and community.

    I am so sorry you are going through the symptoms that you are having.

    I am going to tag our experts in this conversation to help give you some suggestions.

    @DianePorterfield-Bourne and @Giada Frontino

  • Giada FrontinoGiada Frontino Posts: 73 Consultant Gynaecologist

    Dear @Kalani45

    I would certainly speak with your GP to assess whether a pelvic MRI could be indicated in your case to rule out a fistula between the rectum and vaginal wall. It is unlikely that you have a bladder-vagina fistula, as you would be experiencing urine discharge.

    HPV often regresses spontaneously so it might reassure you to run a HPV test.

    Please do let us know how everything goes.

    Kind regards,

    Giada Frontino

    GMC Full Specialist Registration # 7468911 

    Website: https://www.doctify.com/uk/specialist/dr_giada_frontino 

  • Kalani45Kalani45 Posts: 2

    How likely is it if I had a vagina colon fistula that the HPV would be able to get to my colon? Especially during intercourse?


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