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Feeling very unwell

Hi all. I’ve found this site and hope someone maybe able to help. I believe I’ve been suffering peri menopausal symptoms for a number of years. It all started with night sweats, head to toe. - I felt I was able to cope with this even though it’s very unpleasant, but then things changed again, I developed a etopic heart beat, which I suffered most days. Thinking there was a problem with my heart, I got sent to cardiology where they did many test, only to see that my heart is fine (2 years I had been going through that). Recently it appears that things have changed again. The etopic heartbeat has stopped but now I am experiencing what feels like really unwell every 1-2 months, I get so unwell that I can barely focus at work. Symptoms include, headaches, migraines, severe fatigue, sore eyes, watery eyes, feeling jittery in my body, slight breathing tightness, tinnitus, joint pain and other things. This gets worse for a week then tends to go away and I feel better. My periods have gone from 5 days, to now 2 to 3 days max. I’m so confused and convinced things are getting worse Alfie me and unsure where to go next. I feel like crying with how bad I feel sometimes! Today s a bad day. Can I try HRT whilst peri menopausal? I’m going to boots tonight to try black cohosh or possibly red clover? Does anyone else know of these and if they work?


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