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I keep gaining weight round the middle .. with bloating .. it changes from week to week .. even if I eat healthy


  • Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 406 Community Admin

    Hi @Midgley20, this is something that I've heard so many ladies mention before! I'm not a qualified professional myself, however I wanted to share a couple of resources with you, you might find them useful:

    I'm also tagging two of our experts @DianePorterfield-Bourne and @Giada Frontino who might be able to shed some light on this & the link between hormones and weight changes!

    Do you do any kind of exercise? I know it's easier said than done sometimes...Although I just bought a pair of rollerblades to make it fun haha!

    Hope this helps a little.

    Take care,


  • MonicaMMonicaM Posts: 337 ✭✭✭


    The weight in the stomach area is my problem too. I have been doing KETO for about 4 months now and I have lost some weight and I am happy about it. Cutting out the carbs and sugar has helped me quite a bit. I still cheat sometimes but for the most part I don't eat nearly as many carbs as I used to. Although carbs is my favorite it doesn't like me anymore I tend to bloat more and gain more weight when I eat them so I try to stick with eating meat and veggies for the most part and sometimes fruit. I don't exercise as much as I probably should but I do daily walks or every other day.

    The biggest challenge still is getting the weight off of the mid section. I feel like the fat just wants to stay there and stay attached and won't let go. The stomach is the hardest place to loose weight.

    I look like the grinch with these little legs and huge stomach sticking out LOL. See the stomach and the little legs that is me especially when I am bloated and that usually comes from something that I shouldn't have eaten LOL.

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