Black Cohash

Has anyone tried this, did it help?


  • KazKaz Posts: 162 mod
    Jil said:
    Has anyone tried this, did it help?
    Hi Jil, Hope you’re well. I’ve used this in the past, but I have a history of migraines, and I found it increased the frequency. I do know though, that other women have great success and wouldn’t be without it . I guess it’s just a case of “try it and see”, and have a check to make sure it won’t interact with any medication you’re taking, or any conditions you have. Good luck!
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    Thanks Kaz. I got a few headaches so reduced it to half, but I dont think its working lol x
  • Mags71Mags71 Posts: 1

    I have started taking black kohosh, but don't feel any difference. Hot flushes still on, sleepless niggts, foggy brain.

    However, I am doing exercise classes almost daily: cycling, weight resistance, body combat, circuit training.....I think those are helpful for muscles, bones keep my weight under control....and helping my mind. Hard work though....

  • KazKaz Posts: 162 mod

    Morning Mags!

    I'm tired just reading your message! I need to take some inspiration from your exercise regime!

    I didn't find that black cohosh helped me, but I know other women do, and it was one of the herbal remedies my GP suggested when she told me I couldn't have HRT. I often wonder if I didn't give it long enough to work - perhaps there's a tolerance level that has to build up for it to be effective? I'm guessing! I gave up after six months or so.

    If you have a look at the messages on the forum from the last two Ask Me Anything events with Nicky Williams and Maryon Stewart, there are recommendations for menopause supplements that you may find more useful. 😀

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    Hi Jill

    I tried it but didn't think it did much although I do use Sage and have found that helps with the night sweats, it doesn't get rid of them but I'm not waking up soaked. Have you ever tried this?

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