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All change again

Hi all

I just found this forum and hoping to find I’m not alone. I think I have been peri for around 4 years I’m now 48. I have had the hot flushes the night sweats the crying at anything. Then last feb my periods just stopped and so did the symptoms mostly apart from the odd hot flush and night sweat then in November omg my boobs got so sore 😏 then I started to bleed which I was expecting coz of the boobies but it was so heavy for 3 weeks then stopped for a few days then started again but very light apart from 1 day which was heavy for 3 weeks now had a few days break but seems to be starting again but seems more like a dirty blood colour ( sorry to be graphic ). Along with the old period pains. I keep getting hot again and feeling tearful. Has anybody had a similar experience to mine ?. When I didn’t have one for 8 months I thought I was done and thought this menopause lark was easy 🤣. Would really appreciate any feedback x


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