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Trying to eat healthy after several attempts over the years

So this week I started doing low carb healthy eating for a few months because after looking at myself in the mirror and looking at my gut sticking out and all of this fat. I decided it is time to do something but did I mention this is so hard to eat right daily and try to watch what you eat. I know eating healthy is something that I need to do because it causes so many health issues especially when the weight is mostly in your stomach. I carry my weight in my stomach and thighs.

It has gotten to the point as I mentioned that I hate looking at myself in the mirror and then I ask myself how in the world did I get here over the years the weight is just piling up on me. I know Menopause causes a lot of weight gain but I am trying this time after several several tries of eating right that I am going to stick with it this time. My health requires that I stick with it but I can't lie. It is a struggle because my cravings for sweets and carbs is so bad especially at night after I eat my dinner.

It will be a week on Sunday I hope that I have lost a couple of pounds and inches.

I just thought I would share it was on my mind today.


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