Crushing Insomnia

My sleep is spiralling out of control again.

I can just about cope with most other menopausal symptoms, the flushes, the mood swings, the crying, dry "everything", but the lack of sleep is crushing me. 
I've had sleep issues for about ten years. At the worst point, two or three hours a night was the norm. Juggling kids, animals, a relationship, work, a house and life in general, was like dragging myself through treacle every day. Recently though, I've been managing about 5 hours a night - and that was transformative! So these last few weeks I just don't understand why I'm slipping back into waking every hour on the hour, I can't get back to sleep, I dread being tired all day. And I spend the evenings trying hard not to fall asleep on the sofa but then can't sleep when I get into bed....
And I can feel the panic beginning to take over. The anxiety levels are rising and I'm desperate not to get back into that vicious circle. No sleep, anxiety, stress, migraine, no sleep - over and over again. It's exhausting!!
I don't know what to do anymore to help myself. I've adjusted my routine so much that I don't think there's anything I can add in to help. I don't want to remove anything from my night-time routine either, in case I remove the one thing that actually works!  I stick to the same bed time every night. By 11pm, I'm in my bed - I've had the warm, milky drink, sometimes I add a banana, because I've read that the potassium in bananas is good for helping you to sleep. I take magnesium. My electronic devices are off by ten o clock, and I try not to pick them up when I wake during the night. The sheets are cool. The room is cool. The bed is cosy - until the flushes make me throw everything on the floor! The mindfulness app plays to get me off to sleep. Deep breathing, meditation, long walks with the dogs, herbal sleeping tablets..... I swear I have tried everything I can think of to crack this nightmare. No help offered by the GP - ten minute appointments aren't really long enough to discuss the reality of the problem, and the offer to put me on anti depressants isn't something I want to repeat. I just wonder if I was able to stop worrying about the lack of sleep, if I'd be able just to sleep?
What am I missing?

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