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New to the community 😊. I’m on a search for valuable input and advice. All things considered with COVID, life is pretty simple at the moment. It’s not stressful like the last 10 years or so but anxiety has become a huge factor in my life at this point... late 40s and maybe early menopause???? I’m at a loss. I’m anxious about why I’m anxious. I can’t always pinpoint it to something particular. Any other ladies been through anything similar???


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    Hi Myshell4uk welcome to the group. Anxiousness can be a crazy emotion sometimes it can come out of no where and you don't even know why. I have experience being anxious about things I don't think I really need to be anxious about. I try to deal with it by talking to myself sometimes, yes sometimes I talk to myself LOL but it works it tends to calm my nerves. I ask myself what is going on and why do I feel this way and if that doesn't work out then I try to think of positive things to think of a memory, something funny or something calming to get my mind to stop feeling so anxious. Somethings I know that I can't control so I try myself to let them go and calm myself down. These are just crazy little things that I do but we do have a nurse expert on board and I will tag her in this conversation and she can probably shed more light on the issue. @DianePorterfield-Bourne

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    @Myshell4uk. Hello and welcome to the community forum. @MonicaM thank you for including me on her post.

    Anxiety is one of those symptoms that sneaks up and before you know it can really take hold...

    We all have reasons why we feel anxious at different times in our lives and deep down we normally know the cause ( sometimes we don't like to admit it).

    If you don't think that anything has prompted this then menopause maybe the underlying issue.

    I teach, advise and prescribe during menopause and you are certainly not alone. Anxiety can cause some real issues I suppose the key is understanding why.

    Have you spoken to your GP? and partner/family/close friends? Any other menopause symptoms like reduced confidence, not sleeping as well, feeling tired all the time or any flushes or sweats?

    Menopause affects every women from 40's onwards...

    If you think its related to menopause you are in the right place. We can advise and support but your GP is the person to ultimately discuss your health with.

    Please let us know how you are getting on. There is so much information on here, happy reading!

    Best wishes

    Diane Porterfield Bourne.

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