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Did your GP explain how to take/use your HRT?

MenopauseorjustmeMenopauseorjustme Posts: 433 Menopause Nurse Practitioner

Hello on this lovely sunny afternoon.

Many women have spoken to me recently about their menopause symptoms and it has transpired that some women were not using their HRT correctly, there GP had not explained enough, or not explained at all.

I was wondering on your views and opinions? Good or bad.

Thank you

Diane Porterfield Bourne.


  • Mtw1966Mtw1966 Posts: 1

    Hi I am menopausal and recently whilst having sexual intercourse I feel sore inside my vagina and sometimes itchy. My doctor has prescribed hrt vaginal cream and I am a bit worried due to the side effects. Also been suffering with utis. Any advice please.


  • MenopauseorjustmeMenopauseorjustme Posts: 433 Menopause Nurse Practitioner


    Hello Mary and thank you for writing into Live Better With Menopause.

    I am pleased you discussed this sometimes embarrassing subject with your GP. I often hear ladies saying they can't talk to their GP about intimate problems but it is essential you do. Something like this can cause physical symptoms but can ultimately affect your relationship too.

    I am glad your GP prescribed Vaginal Oestrogen. What are you worried about? What side effects are worrying you? Please read the information sheet with the medication but the best thing is to call your GP and talk to them.

    I prescribe vaginal Oestrogen and have not heard women worried about side effects. The benefits can be quite significant as long as you take it as prescribed and talk to your GP if you are worried. Vaginal Oestrogen is often something you have to take long term but your GP will advise you.

    I hope I have helped. Please keep in touch and let me know how you get on.

    Best wishes

    Diane Porterfield Bourne.

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