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I am back

Hi Ladies,

This isn't really menopause related but just wanted to share and vent for a minute.

I hope that everyone is doing well.

I took a short break still trying to find a job and that seems to be more a full time job then the full time job that I had before. I am tired of looking and applying but I am still pushing forward. I am in the Human Resources field and I think so many people are out of work and where I live it is highly competitive anyway so that is making the process even longer.

How is everyone doing are you out of the house now or still working from home? I am still in the house of course and with my husband that is challenging at times it has been over 2 months. I love him dearly but to be with someone all day for me can be challenging, I need my breaks from time to time LOL.

Still doing the hobbies but not as much progress as I would like but I am still moving forward. My granddaughters asked me when I would have their scrapbooks done but the funny thing about that is that they have been in a box for years now and I just took them out a couple of days ago when they asked about them

😂😂.I hope to get them done but can't make any promises.

The crochet blanket that I tried to do well that turned out more like circle or something well it didn't turn out in a shape of the blanket so I will have to try that again.

I haven't made any cards yet, even though I said I would do that but I didn't. Like I said this job thing is taking a lot of my time.

I haven't read any books lately since the last one that I posted. Going to try to find a quick and interesting one to read.

I am going to do is have to do a healthy balance try to enjoy some of my time and then use some of the time for finding a job (that should work better).

That is my venting for the day!

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