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Afternoon you lovely ladies. Just thought I would share with you all a little thing that has happened to me.. So.... I've become quite clumsy during menopause and my latest issue is that I dropped a pilar candle on my foot causing me to snap a little bone just above my toe.. Got it checked out and was told that apparently clumsiness can be a side effect of menopause caused by hormone imbalance, so if any of you find that you have become clumsy don't be concerned. It's normal 😂.

I now have 2 lovely weeks off work so it's not all bad 😘


  • MonicaMMonicaM Posts: 189 mod


    Oh my goodness Julie, I am glad that everything turned out ok. I have not gotten to that stage yet and I hope that I won't LOL. I am more at the forgetful stage LOL.

    Enjoy your two weeks off and hopefully you aren't in much pain.

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