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A newbie in need of help

Sher65Sher65 Posts: 3

I am aged 55, I take HRT and I have the mirena coil which is my third and last coil. I suffered from endometriosis in my 30`s & 40`s. I have been on HRT for a year. It has helped a great deal with the flushes and mood swings at first. Over the last 4 months I have experienced terrible period cramps, bad headaches, aching joints, brain fog and extremely lethargic. I am also experiencing sharp pain to a throbbing underneath. I suffer with depression along side it. It is interrupting my everyday life, as some days I am doubled over in pain lying on my bed. I have tried talking to the GP, to ask what maybe the cause. Even enquiring whether it could be the fibroids that I have causing me these problems. Please can you shed some light.


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