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Help needed with terrible symptoms

JackiJacki Posts: 10


I’ve been perimenopausal for some years. I’ve been given so many different types of hrt and most work for me for the first few weeks. Then as my cycle carries on I become more depressed, lethargic, anxious, over processing, constantly thinking of my past relationship and comparing my old life, tearful, Hot sweats. ive also tried many supplements and not sure what I really should be taking with what. I suffered Cronic acid reflux last time. Which I kept being treated for for possible heart problems.

im reluctant to go on antidepressants as I’ve heard many doctors just prescribe these but aren’t the solution. 

my doctor is lovely but says that we have exhausted hrt and they aren’t working for me??? And referred me to hormone specialist but with the current situation, my appointment got cancelled due to covid. 

any advise is welcome. 

ive tried combination patches. Tablets etc. From my own log, I notice that I’m good on estrogen but when I’m on progesterone is when I really dip. But I have to have progesterone as I have a womb. I had an ovary and tune removed a few years ago as they weren’t healthy.


  • Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 346 Community Admin
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    Hi @Jacki,

    Oh my. It sounds you're going through a lot. I'm so sorry to hear your appointment with the hormone specialist got cancelled due to covid19. In the meantime, I'd definitely recommend talking to our onsite menopause nurse, @DianePorterfield-Bourne about HRT. She's been nursing for over 30 years and has her own menopause clinic where she prescribes HRT so she'll be able to advise you further. I've tagged her here in this discussion, but for a speedy response, you can ask a question under her own expert thread:

    For the supplements, I've seen you've already asked Nicki, our nutritionist. We have also written a couple of guides to all supplements & vitamins that can help with particular symptoms. You can read them here:

    Menopause supplements - a beginner’s guide

    The top 5 supplements every menopausal woman needs in her bag

    Now, antidepressants. I totally understand your thinking. Many ladies on here are on them, including myself (I was diagnosed with anxiety + depression a year ago, but not menopause-related). Personally, they were the only thing that helped me with my mood (I tried st.john's wort, rescue remedy, etc) back then, but part of the truth is now I have unpleasant side effects (low libido, fatigue etc). @Julie20 I hope you don't mind me tagging you in this discussion, maybe you could share your experience with antidepressants as well?

    This article on mood swings and dealing with emotions during the menopause includes lots of tips from women in our Community as well. I know that you @MonicaM tried lots of self-care tips, maybe you can share some?

    Hope this helps a bit. Keep going, you can do it x


    Blanka xx

  • JackiJacki Posts: 10

    Hi Blanka

    many thanks for your your reply and information.

    I have read everything. However the link you tried to attach on the article on mood swings and dealing with emotions during the menopause doesn’t work. Could you direct me further as to where to find it?

    kind regards


  • Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 346 Community Admin

    Hi Jacki,

    Oh you're right! Weird, sorry about that. Linking it again, should work this time:

  • Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 346 Community Admin

    This is another one, about mood swings specifically:

    Let me know how you get on x

  • JackiJacki Posts: 10

    Hi @blanca

    many thanks, this is helpful . My doctor recommended anti depressants yesterday but I’m very worried about this but will try.



  • JackiJacki Posts: 10

    Hi @Blanka_C

    many thanks, this is helpful . My doctor recommended anti depressants yesterday but I’m very worried about this but will try. 



  • Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 346 Community Admin
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    Hi @Jacki,

    No problem at all! I understand you are worried. I'm no expert of course, but I think it's important to understand the possible side effects before start taking anything, so I'd definitely ask your GP about side effects. I'm hoping some of the ladies on here will respond and share their experiences as well. x

    I've seen you've asked Diane already on her expert thread, let's see what she advises!

  • LockieLockie Posts: 4

    Hi jacki

    I know exactly how you feel. I am going through the menopause and for the last 2 years I have had the same symptoms as you but this year they have become worse. I am tired all the time, have no energy, my joints ache and I feel very low and depressed. I have no motivation to do anything, it’s horrible. I thought about going to the doctor to get anti depressants and would try anything to feel better, so I would give them a try if they suggest them to you. I have emailed Diane who was very helpful and had suggested I talk to my GP to try HRT. I hope get your appointment through soon, when this COVID outbreak is over. You are not alone, I do feel for you. Good luck and I hope you get the help you need.


  • JackiJacki Posts: 10

    @Lockie hi lisa

    i would definitely give your doctor a call. I had a telephone appointment the same day. The doctor put me on antidepressants and back on hrt. So far so good.

    I would recommend you call them rather than suffer.

    I hope you get the help ASAP and start to feel better x

  • LockieLockie Posts: 4

    Thank you for your advise Jacki, I will give them a call. I hope you start to feel better too. Good luck

    Lisa x

  • Morning55Morning55 Posts: 13

    I am experiencing dreadful feelings in the Mornings like I do t want to live. But in reality I do want to live. Why do I feel like this in the Morning?

  • MonicaMMonicaM Posts: 188 mod


    I responded in the symptoms thread. Please take a look at that

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