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Living apart

Morning ladies. For all those living apart from your partners how are you coping with lock down?

I'm in a new relationship but we have been best friends for 40 years. We currently live apart and both really struggling with just facetime every day so have decided that after this we are going to move in together.

It's the light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

What are you doing to cope? Are you enjoying the space of finding it hard?

Stay safe x


  • MonicaMMonicaM Posts: 189 mod


    Congratulations on the news with moving in with your partner that is great. My husband and I started out as best friends also. I have known him for 21 years (long story) and then we got married in 2017.

    My struggle is not with my husband even though sometimes that is challenging being home with your significant other ALL DAY LONG. It has it good and its bad but I am adjusting to it.

    The struggle that I am having is not being able to physically spend time with my granddaughters, I miss them a lot. I Facetime them often they are 11, 7 and 2. I think it is me missing them more than they miss me LOL.

    Glad you are doing well Julie and hopefully soon you will be reunited with your loved one.

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