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Perimenopause - Bio-identical HRT

ClareKerr73ClareKerr73 Posts: 3


I am 46 & have been experiencing symptoms of Perimenopause for around 3 years. In February I attended a clinic in London which specialises in Bio-Identical HRT. After having a blood test, it was revealed that I was heavily Estrogen dominant and I prescribed a Progesterone Lozenge (75mg). Almost immediately I started to feel better & I had a period, the first in 7 months. Approximately a month later I started to get really bloated & upon my six week follow up appointment I mentioned this to the doctor & she upped my progesterone to 100mg. My symptoms are now worse, irritable, exhausted & the bloating is so severe & a real worry. I exercise 5 days a week & eat fresh healthy food. I am very concerned by these symptoms & don’t know whether to stop taking & I have read that these bio-identical hormones are unlicensed. Are you able to offer any advice on this & the bloating as it is really worrying me.

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  • Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 406 Community Admin

    Hi @Clare, first of all, a big welcome to our community! This is a great forum with lots of friendly ladies.

    I am really sorry to hear you are experiencing these symptoms - if I understand well you've been going through this for almost two months now? Oh my.

    I would definitely recommend speaking to our online Menopause Nurse, Diane. She started recently and has given out lots of good advice to many ladies already on here. She's been nursing for over 30 years and has her own menopause clinic - I'm sure she will be able to point you in the right direction.

    You can ask her under the following thread (absolutely for free, of course):

    I'd just simply copy-paste what you've posted to make sure she sees it (let me know if you need help with it).

    Keep up the good work with exercising and eating healthy, it is certainly very important.

    I hope you're keeping safe.


    Blanka x

  • ClareKerr73ClareKerr73 Posts: 3

    @Blanka_C......Thank you so much. I will indeed speak to Diane. I really appreciate your warm wishes.Thanks again & you stay safe too x

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