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How can I beat my tiredness?

SCSSCS Posts: 1

Hi all,

I started getting perimenopausal symptoms 8 years ago which was about 2 & a half years after having a partial hysterectomy (only my ovaries remain) due to severe, almost constant periods. I will not take hrt, a personal choice based on a severe reaction I had to antidepressants after my last child 14 years ago. My symptoms go in waves, I have had night sweats, hot flushes & what I call cold flushes (times of shivering & feeling severely cold even in the summer), these come and go and are triggered by many different factors. My constants are brain fog, forgetfulness and anxiety (which sometimes leads to panic attacks), but my latest symptom for the last 6 months or so is severe tiredness. I have no trouble sleeping at all (my Fitbit says I am getting a good night's sleep) but I always feel so tired all the time. I exercise regularly and have a busy lifestyle but this has not changed significantly enough to cause this level of tiredness that I feel. Sometimes, despite a full night's sleep, I need an extra nap to feel safe enough to drive. Can anyone suggest any ideas to give me more energy or keep me awake more please?


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