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Carlsberg100Carlsberg100 Posts: 2


Did anyone suffer with poor mental health conditions, prior to going through the peri menopause please? Just wondering how you have all coped?

Going through the peri menopause in the last 12 years has been horrendous, on top of already having a mood disorder.A lot of the symptoms for Bipolar and the Menopause, mimic each other.




  • Julie20Julie20 Posts: 345 mod

    Hi @Carlsberg100 you have raised a really good question. I personally don't have any mental health problems but I do have a very close friend that is bi-polar so that would be an interesting conversation to have with them.

    Are you on any medication for either your mental health or menopause? I'm asking because I know that some medication can counteract another one and stop it working as efficiently and this would cause you problems.

    Menopause alone gives us so many new issues with our already depleting mind and body, so going through it with additional conditions must be very hard on you.

    I would be really interested in hearing from any of you lovely ladies that do suffer and you could may be offer Carla some kind words on how she could combat these problems x

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