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  • Ask a Healthcare Professional
    Receive free expert advice and information from our panel of qualified healthcare professionals. Ask them questions about the menopause & your symptoms and get practical tips on mental wellness, nutrition, sexual health, HRT and more.
    RSS Feed 8 discussions 499 comments Most recent: Ask a Menopause Nurse | Diane Porterfield-Bourne by hbguest May 24
  • My Menopause Symptoms & Solutions
    Swap tips and learn from others on finding relief from symptoms, including anxiety, brain fog, hot flushes & night sweats, difficulty sleeping and many more. Talk about HRT, alternative & complementary therapies and lifestyle choices here.
    RSS Feed 470 discussions 2.1K comments Most recent: Help please by Epc68 June 7
  • Relationships through the Menopause
    The idea of talking to your partner, family or friends about your menopause might feel daunting or embarrassing – but it’s important. This is your space to share your feelings and practical tips on how to explain and discuss the menopause with your loved ones to make sure you get the support you need.
    RSS Feed 39 discussions 182 comments Most recent: Help - feeling worried and low by Junie March 28
  • Menopause at Work
    Find tips on how to discuss menopause issues with your employers and how to cope with symptoms in the workplace. Plus share your views and experiences with getting the support you need at work.
    RSS Feed 31 discussions 140 comments Most recent: Workwear by Junie February 19
  • Webinars, Events & Live Better With Updates
    To help you manage your symptoms and get answers to all your menopause questions, we host a range of virtual events, including live Q&As, webinars and online discussions with our healthcare professionals. Click here to find out more information about our latest events.
    RSS Feed 5 discussions 51 comments Most recent: We need your help! Live Better With Menopause by Blanka_C June 2021