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  • Unfortunately I am currently unable to respond to your questions. I hope that you can find the support that you need. Stay safe and well everyone. Danine
  • @Shelagh Higgins Hi Shelagh, I am so sorry to hear that your son is living with young onset dementia and presently in hospital. Under the current Covid-19 restrictions I can imagine it is also very hard for you and other relatives and his friends to…
  • Hi @danW Thank you for your message. This festive poem from the Alzheimer's Society is beautiful: https://youtu.be/qzjqOK97zb4 Christmas can be overwhelming for most people. Try to keep things well planned and stick to your routine as much as poss…
  • Hi PamCaldwell_21 Thank you for your message; I am sorry to learn of your husband's diagnosis. In regards to the 'stages' of young-onset (also known as early onset) dementia, every person’s experience and response to the disease is different. There …
  • @Lynn Conway Hi Lynn Sorry to hear that your mum is getting more frail as time goes by. Vascular dementia can result in confusion however it is important that your mum maintains as much independence as possible. When it comes to dressing and clothes…
  • Hi @betsy_9 thank you for your enquiry. Sleep is so important for the body to rest, repair and regenerate itself. I can really feel for you both, having disturbed sleep. Living with dementia can disrupt the body's sleep:wake cycle, meaning it can be…
  • Hi @Mary78 Thank you for your enquiry; it's my pleasure to share some ideas and activities with you that you can do with your mum. What is important when choosing activities to do with your relative or friend living with dementia is to avoid making …
  • Hi @agnes mclelland I am sorry to read that your mum has recently been diagnosed with dementia. Not only will this be a worrying time for her, but for you and your family too. I can understand that you and your mum may be feeling overwhelmed, overco…