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Struggling with written instructions

How do you cope with a relative that appears to be struggling with written instructions? Dad was not understanding the instructions very well for a preparation for a colonoscopy. I simplified it as best I could, but he still got it wrong so the the procedure had to be cancelled. Is there something that would help give him a step by step as and when he needs it? Something that I can even pre-populate? I just want to make things easier for him



  • Denis78Denis78 Posts: 1

    Hi! You might want to try a reminder clock or something. But I am not sure if you can walk him through something like a colonoscopy prep with that. You really might need to consider being there for the entire time the night before to help him through it. We had to make the decision that we had to move my Dad to a care home as he was struggling with every day activities by himself. But a reminder clock is super helpful!! You can pre-populate personalised reminders and set the time you want it to go off. Might help when you need to break down activities.

  • Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 391 Community Admin

    Hi @KatherineKilloran,

    As @Denis78 mentioned, a day clock might be a good idea for your dad. There are some really good customisable ones out there.

    I'd recommend having a look at the following article for suggestions:

    This resource is then full of tips from members of our community to make communication a little easier:

    Hope this helps a little. :)

    Blanka x

  • Blanka ZBlanka Z Posts: 3
    edited September 2020

    Hi @Denis78 thank you for your suggestion, can I please ask where did you get your dementia clock from? I'm looking for one for my neighbour and there are just so many options out there I don't know which one to get. tysm!

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