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Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 406 Community Admin

Hello everyone,

To get started, we thought we'd open a thread about activities to enjoy your loved ones.

It's well know that older people who remain engaged are generally much happier, so encouraging participation in activities is a very important part of dementia care. Even the simplest activities, like dusting the shelves or washing the cups can be vital for giving someone with dementia a sense of purpose and identity.

Doing things that matter bring a person pleasure and make them feel that they are making a contribution regardless of their cognitive impairment.

What are some of the activities you and your loved one particularly enjoy? Do you have any suggestions for ideas to keep one engaged? We'd love to hear from you!

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  • cosiecosie Posts: 31 ✭✭

    One thing we tried with my dad is trying to keep him as stimulated as possible. We also found a dementia support group and he absolutely loves it. I leave work for a couple of hours and take him there - really kind volunteers, nice other people, cofffee and biscuits and a large garden for nice weather. I have found it good to talk with other people who have brought their parents or damily members. They have games and songs and quizzes, you can join in what you want.

  • Mary78Mary78 Posts: 30 ✭✭

    Hi @cosie, thank you for your suggestions. Can I please ask how did you go about finding a support group? I think this would be a brilliant idea for my mum. She's just received her diagnosis (early onset dementia). I've been reading a lot online but finding all the information quite overwhelming. Not sure where to start. Thank you, Mary

  • Blanka_CBlanka_C Posts: 406 Community Admin
  • Blanka ZBlanka Z Posts: 3

    My neigbour (a lovely elderly lady) and I enjoy painting together. I got some colouring books and children's art & craft supplies recently. The smile on her face. :)

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