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Welcome to our Dementia Q&A Hub

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  • Hello and welcome!
    A very warm welcome to our new Expert Q&A Hub - thanks so much for joining us! if you'd like to say hello, try posting here with a little bit about yourself.
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  • Ask a dementia professional (launching soon!)
    Receive free expert advice and information from our panel of qualified healthcare professionals. Ask them questions about the dementia journey and get guidance & top tips on the physical, practical and emotional impact of living with and caring for someone with dementia.
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  •  Coping with the symptoms of dementia
    Swap tips and learn from others on helping a loved one deal with a wide range of symptoms, including memory problems, difficulty communicating, disorientation, personality changes and many more.
    RSS Feed 4 discussions 9 comments Most recent: Dementia friendly games by Blanka_C September 14
  • Being diagnosed with dementia
    Are you worried about your own memory, or concerned about a loved one or a friend? What can you expect during a dementia diagnosis? Have you or your loved one been recently diagnosed? This is your space to voice concerns, ask questions, or share stories.
    RSS Feed 2 discussions 4 comments Most recent: Mum diagnosed with early onset dementia by Mary78 September 10
  • Practical dementia support
    Exchange tips and find answers about the practical aspects of living with dementia, including finances, care options, legal support and many more.
    RSS Feed 5 discussions 16 comments Most recent: Struggling with written instructions by Blanka Z September 17
  • Carers corner
    This is your space to connect with fellow carers and share practical tips on how to talk, listen and support a loved one during their dementia journey. It’s also an area for you to step back and take a moment for yourself.
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