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  •  @Sunshinedaff Yay!! No chemo or radiotherapy treatment needed. I have been put on anastrozole and go back in 8 weeks just for a follow up xx
  • Thank you @Sunshinedaff I phoned my breast nurse today and she has organised an appointment for this coming Tuesday. xx
  • Dear @Sunshinedaff and @RobertA Thank you, it's good to know that the watermelon feeling will go eventually. I have been doing my post op exercising so I can move fairly freely - physio wasn't offered sadly ( saying that it would be a 2 hour round …
  • Hi @Dizzydee Thank you so much for your lovely offer. I think he was scared and didn't know how to react - he is much better now - the only change is that pyjamas have now become bedtime attire which is a little sad. Love and hugs xx
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  • Hi all, I am waiting for some tests to come back from America to see if I need chemotherapy or not. The operation went well and has healed well, just some scabs and a bruise left. My underarm feels like I'm carrying a watermelon lol. My daughter is …
  • I tried and failed , he says he's fine but once again we have argued over absolutely nothing and he's asleep. We are like chalk and cheese which has always worked. He got really angry because I don't feel like being intimate..he suggested that I may…
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  • Thank you @JerseyBob We live in a very rural area; the hospital I am being treated at is over an hour away and the nearest support centre is only open once a week in the mornings which means we are both working. He is a fabulous man and I know he i…
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  • @Sunshinedaff @FlowerGirl23 I have to have a mastectomy next Friday. Now,it sounds silly, although I am scared it's a sort of relief to finally be moving in the right direction xx
  • @FlowerGirl23 Yay!! I managed the mri thank goodness so have my treatment plan appointment on May 16th. My daughter is now receiving counselling at school on a daily basis so that is good news and she seems a little better. Xx
  • @Sunshinedaff I took my daughter to the doctor which was a complete waste of time; he said it was perfectly understandable for her to feel like she is. The Macmillan nurses have pointed us to a small charity called hope for her to see so hopefully …
  • Well I didn't manage my mri scan; had a panic attack before they had even started! What will happen now? They have offered me another one but I don't think I will be able to go through with it.
  • I am having my mri scan this Wednesday and seeing the surgeon the following Thursday. Everyday seems like a week and now I have discovered my 15yr old daughter has been self harming!! I feel so awful for not realising how depressed she is.
  • Hi, I have also just been diagnosed with stage 2 invasive lobular cancer and have to wait for an mri on the 1st May to see how big the 2 tumours are before my treatment plan is decided. It's been 3 weeks from me first noticing a small mass to now fe…