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  • Hi.lou Thank you.. glad to hear all gooing ok with you.. I have my MRI next week So will know .ore after that.. and then of course I can ask again about my skin and eyes... again foenthe support... we are lucky we have xhatbrooms such as…
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  • Hi Lou, Tha k you... I am regularly asking about my eyes but being told it's not worth having optician appt u til the chemo is out of my system (which could take months) but I'm slightly nervous that perhaps the debuloking of my tumour may have caus…
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  • Hi all... You probably are aware (or not) that   Macmillan offer a "look good feel good " beauty session which looks at the whole skin care, beauty and make up for those who have cancer..  it was a lovely session and we came away with a ve…
  • Hi R8b and all. Thank you for the beautiful and kind words.. The hospice has been such a tremendous support that I just feel if I can give anything back then I will endeavour to do so... I am a Social Worker however at pr3sent it is all being review…
  • Hi Louise and ladyblue. I have a grade4 glioblastoma multiforme tumour.. Fornfubdraising my friend ran a half marathon... and I donated my birthday etc..  am also looking for ways to raise money too..  giving donations etc...any ways we can r3alky.…
  • Hi Lou, Thank you.. yes we tend to do something after my appointments Nd this one especially as I will be g8nding out what the next going to be...g9od or bad!!  As for additional support my l9csl hospice had been AMAZING!! I go twice weekly …
  • Hi Lou.
Thank you so so much for your beautiful message....  as for technology I know exactly what you mean.. I am learning wvrytda he he..
Sadly my eyesight has also been affwct4d by all of this (sorry I should have said that which …
  • Hi Lou, Thank you for your response.. yes, I am VERY lucky yo have amazing people around me.. My aunt comes to all my apoi7rnments with me as I need someone to help me remember and process what's being said (as these are 2 huge areas affected by my …
  • Hello. This is my 1st post here... I am 47 and have q stage 4 brain tumour which was diagnosed Feb 2018 and then debulked March 2018. Since then I have had dual raduo/chemo followed by a further 6 cycles of chemo.. I find out This Friday what the re…