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  • Great idea. I have been writing one so as to let my wife know of my life before I met her 35 years ago. I lived a fairly action packed life back then and events and stories I shared when meeting up with old muckers I am writing down; just in case. As this is my third time with cancer, second time my lovely wife went…
  • Hi. Sorry you are having this extra trouble of swollen feet. I have undergone 16 sessions of chemo for small tumour on liver but it’s showed as a result of a secondary tumour on my head. I had radiotherapy for that and it sorted it making it disappear thank goodness. During my chemo my feet and legs swelled up hugely and…
  • Dear RobertA, Like you I have never had trouble with expressing how I feel, I tell people how I feel, not ordinary people in the streets or else I would probably be locked up or punched by a jealous man, but to people that matter. I have seen and done things that others would send the over the edge with PTSD but all the…
  • Hi RobertA, I do wear a fleece bob hat now when I'm out to keep my swede/turnip/celeriac like head warm but I have finally braved it all and take it off when I am in towns or shops and restaurants. The doctors never guessed that by increasing large pimple was in fact a secondary tumour but when a Consultant Dr Pimple…
  • My secondary cancer came up as a awful lump to my scalp, it was only as a result of it being thought of as an unsightly boil was it taken off. Histology showed it was a secondary cancer to Liver or bowel cancer. i had 5 bouts of radiotherapy to it and it’s now gone except for unsightly scar and 10 cm bald patch from…
  • Hi Sunshinedaff, Yay presents! However I am a typical bloke not needing much at all, new socks, razor etc but what I really would like is a new Labrador puppy I could train up. I love training my dogs but I don't think it unfair for my wife to be left with a half trained run around thug of a Lab pup and any pup would…
  • Hi RobertA, Lou and all on here who may reads this, Thank you both for the kind words. Kind and generous words are so important to us all especially to us living in our restrictive and troublesome world of cancer. I feel for all sufferers, their relatives and friends with a great deal of 'love' which may seem silly but it…