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  • Hi Jackie Hope all goes well tomorrow with your scan. Hope you don’t have as long a wait as I did my appointment was 2 hours late😳. Ohhh sounds like you’ve had a bust but productive day. Great feeling when you have your hair done. I miss that but hopefully it will not be too long before I get to do that again. Nothing…
  • Hi Jackie Yes it was Friday just the wait for the results now. Always a stressful few weeks but hopefully this time it will be good news. If not I will deal as always. Was a nice evening with the girls just very noisy felt like we were shouting at each other lol. Hope you’re ok Love Liz xx
  • Hi Jackie Thats excellent news I’m so pleased for you. Fingers crossed the scan will show no spread of this horrible disease. Had my scan today so just the wait for the results. I’m hoping they will be there at my next review on the 10th February. I have just got over a bad chest and cold so know how you’re feeling.…
  • Hi Jackie Thankyou for your kind words. Yes it’s a very anxious time after the scan awaiting the results. I find it very difficult to sleep during those weeks while I wait. It’s bad enough going through what we have without having to wait weeks for the results. I’m hoping for a positive outcome as if this doesn’t work it’s…
  • Hi Lou Thankyou so much for your kind words. Yes I have dark days as well as good but I try not to let everyone see this. It’s nice to know I can chat to others that are going through the same as me and understand how I feel. Will look forward to joining in chats with you all. Liz x