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sorry been very quiet on here lately , went into hospital yesterday to have a camera put up to see if they could determine where it started from , consultant could not see anything untoward but took a couple of biopsy ‘s to get them checked , on coming round from anesthesia my BP was low and my Heart rate was high , so felt a bit poorly coming round got to wait for results to see what next steps are Has anyone else had this


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  • i am feeling fine generally, just got to wait for results to come back from this pet scan as to determine what treatment will be needed
  • Biopsy results were benign , so I had to go and have another pet scan to see if there were any changes from the pet scan I had in February, had scan yesterday so just got to wait for results
  • Hello there welcome to the forum , we are a lovely bunch here always here for a chat /rant which ever you need xx
  • I. Had to have a camera up on Wednesday as there still not sure where mine started from 😢I’m finding it very painful to go to the toilet at the moment , got to wait for results from biopsy taken as to see what my next steps arE love this forum it’s…
  • Yeah me too
  • They ace me pain killers for the pain , just feels very tender when I go to the toilet 😢
  • hi there Rob , hopefully I won’t have to wait to long for results still feeling sore from having the camera put up on Wednesday 😢
  • Resting up as much as I can , pottering about a little
  • My appointment is on Friday this week so still waiting
  • Yeah will let you know how I get on love this forum as it helps me talk things through with people
  • It wasn’t attached to anything that’s the whole mystery of it all , it was about the size of chestnut about 6 cm
  • @Laura not had any treatment yet just had the lump in my groin removed , will see what this other consultant hasn’t to say next week , I feel fine in myself it’s just the worry of the unknown and not knowing where it started from
  • Hi @Laura they first thought mine had started in my cervix or the wall of my vagina , I had the lump removed from my groin in March , my consultant still can’t determine where the cancer started from , so I’ve been referred to see this other consul…
  • Got my appointment next Friday to see another consultant , this one specializes in anal cancer , I’m starting to panic now , trying to stay positive , and trying not to worry my family , 😢
  • @Sunshinedaff @Straw1971 we went camping last weekend so it kinda took my mind off it for a while ,was really nice to get away trying to keep myself busy , and at the same time trying not to do too much as have days when I’m tired so it’s swings…
  • Thank you , positive thinking all the way has helped me cope with things x
  • @Sunshinedaff hi there I’ve finally had my appointment through for May 3rd so hopefully will finally get some answers
  • @Straw1971 hope everything goes ok for you, my consultant called me the other day ,he wants me to go and see another consultant as they are still unsure where the primary cause started , so I have got to wait for another appointment to come through…
  • @Sunshinedaff Yeah quite a restful week , just waiting for Friday to go and see the consultant , hopefully he will have good news for me
  • [email protected] yeah will soon be half term , so she will keep me occupied my son is 19 so he’s a typical teenager 😳
  • Hi @Straw1971 yes that’s the best way to be stay positive through out your journey ,i have had a pet scan before hope it all works out ok for you lots of love and positive thinking sent your way
  • Sunshine daff it nice and sunny at the moment
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  • Yes plenty of rest breaks x and lots of snuggles off my French bulldog Roxy x
  • Yeah not long at all , the whole process from start to finish hasn’t took that long I found the lump before Christmas , so things have sped along very quickly , my consultant is amazing
  • I’ve had my letter come through to see my consultant , I have got to go on Friday 12 th April , my results are obviously back fingers and toes crossed that they are good results x
  • I’m just waiting on results from the lump which they removed from my groin as to see if any other treatment is required my consultant said it could be either I have to have radio therapy or they just keep a eye on me , results should be back withi…
  • Welll it’s another glorious day again today yesterday was 7 days since I had my operation and I’m starting to feel better was able to go out for lunch yesterday Mother’s day treat from my eldest son was lovely to get out the house 🏡 hope you all …
  • Yea another glorious sunny day , I’m sat in the garden with a coffee listening to the birds chirping away
  • Thanks hun , everything always seems better with the sunshine 🌞 😍🌞
  • Thanks for your kind wishes, my son is 19 and my daughter is 8 , so she doesn’t really understand what’s going on , I’ve told her that I had a poorly tummy that needed a little operation , everything has moved very quickly so I’m sure these 4 weeks…