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I am so sorry I have not replied to you, I feel really bad about it, I don’t go on this site a lot now, you want to forget the bad times, but it is a bit selfish of me as a lot of people need the support that I got, anyway it has been nearly a year since my last treatment and I am feeling really well, it was hard going on avastin towards the end of treatment, I had twelve single treatments after I had it with chemo, and I must admit I did feel like giving up towards the end but was glad I kept going, had more issues with joint pain towards end and after, but they are all gradually going. Hope all going well for you, try and keep positive and take each day at a time, I found you could not predict how you would feel from one to next. Best wishes.


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  • Hi June, I had ovarian cancer and had avastin with chemo and twelve treatments of avastin after my initial chemo then an operation then more chemo. It was hard going and we all get different side effects, but it has been nearly a year since my last …
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  • I know how you feel, I had 18 months of chemo and an operation, afterwards I felt really down, all signs of cancer had gone, and have to go for 3 monthly checkups. Was told any unusual symptoms to phone my specialist nurse, and she would book me in …
  • Thanks Rob, I also agree with you, my husband told me if he was told he was all clear he would be over the moon, and want to go out with the family to celebrate, I can understand him, that’s how I thought I would be, what a shocker it was so differe…
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  • I had stage 4 ovarian cancer and have been through chemo, surgery and chemo, then had 9 months of avastin, which they called housekeeping, all the way through it was like it was not happening to me, then I was given the all clear my family were over…
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  • I was going through chemo last christmas and couldn't join in a lot of the festivity, so am looking forward to this christmas.. Hope you all have a good time and next year is even better for you. Take it easy everyone.
  • Well done Kathy, it's a lot harder for someone on their own, I admire you and agree with you it's not good to get depressed, keep it up.
  • It's hard to accept, but if you do get angry don't bottle it up, I did for some time then all of a sudden, when I was feeling really bad normally 3 days after chemo, legs aching , tired, sore mouth, hair falling out, my husband told me to keep posit…
  • I agree with Connie, I had stage 4 ovarian cancer, did the wrong thing by looking it up and the survival rate was very low, I have had 18months of chemo and an operation and am clear at the moment. It is so easy to go down hill and get negative and …
  • Keep positive and try and keep away from people that are negative or sympathize with you too much they will bring you down, if you feel like a good cry have one, no shame in this it can relieve tension, talk to those close to you how you feel, it's …