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  • Hello Jackie yes meal was lovely! Thinking of you Friday, we want the chemo but don't at the same time, we absolutely hate it but, it is helping us! We are stuck between a rock and hard place! Bring it on! We can do it!!! Strong Women! 👍👏😊😘
  • Oh! Lou! You know I'm a curry freak! Swap my spag bol for your Madras? Pleeese!😟xxx
  • Yes Rob ! Spag bol at the ready! Xx
  • 😙 loved being with family, but also love being back with friends! 😊xxx
  • Hi Jackie, hope you are ok and bloods will stabilise,Thinking of you! You will be fine! You are made of strong stuff! 😗
  • Hello my lovely peeps! Had a lovely time with family and friends down in Pompey, worn out but happy! Will post tomorrow! Hope you are all ok? Look forward to catching up with you all! Back to couple of Merlot 's and spag bol! Speak to you tomorrow…
  • Hello Everyone! Hope everyone is feeling better! I spent 3 hours in A&E yesterday! Fell out the patio door! Wrist came up like an Ostrich egg! And I was sober! By the time they got to see me the swelling had gone down! Thankfully! Felt a bit of…
  • I Love the photo! I haven't got any clean jokes! I would have to sit on the naughty step all day if you heard mine!🤣 Happy St Patrick's day to you all too!🍀Xx
  • Hi Jackie, yes chemo bad up to 10 days! All I can say is drink as much fluid as you can, mostly water (flavoured) and lucazade ! Believe me it works just don't keep it in the fridge! Just room temperature!I didn't was so poorly! You have to flush th…
  • Hello ! This is a wonderful community! Please keep on posting! We are here for you! We are all in the same boat! Different cancers ,but same worries! Lesley xx
  • Oh! That's good! Two naughty ones ! 😀 xx
  • Sorry was that a little too much information, 🙁 Lou and Rob know what I'm like 🙂 xx
  • Tried to take photo of certificate didn't work! Story of my life! Yes my tumour I've got two! Anyway the one they can zap is in the rectum I do hope they are not going to put me in a weird position! 🤐
  • Thanks Jackie, Never a dull moment here! Hope your chemo is going ok? I know , can't flower it up! It's the worse, but, we are strong , I thought that I'd finished mine, they got me to ring the bell and gave me a certificate! I did say I don't think…
  • News Flash!!! Old sink going back in! Start again tomorrow! What time does B&Q open? I'm going to go and have a lie down in a darkened room now! 😩
  • Hello Lou and Jackie, As you know Lou ,Mark went and bought the posh kitchen sink,well, its nearly 6 oclock ! Two trips to B&Q ( im sure hes having an affair with a member of staff! he's always there!) No water! Can't do dinner ,can only drink r…
  • 😘
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  • Oh! Rob love you! Yes very confused! Chemo,fog! Fibro fog! Merlot fog! Never mind! Thanks Jackie, Love the sound of Chicken and herby veg! 😘xxx
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  • Hello , Marie, You have lots of support from people here that you will most probably never meet,but, they will become your best friends, never judge you ,always support you, be with you every step of the way! We will laugh with you and cry with you!…
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  • Hi my peeps, Hope you are feeling well as expected today, that is all we can hope for! I get really confused on what link to post on, I'm a bit of an ostrich so I like to post on off tract ,it quite frightens me with all this medical stuff, I think …
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  • Will do!👍xx
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  • Oh ! My hair has only slightly thinned doesn't really notice, texture has changed a bit , so not a lot of difference so I can't complain 🙂
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  • Hi Jackie, Pompey lost!(Sigh!) The side effects lasted for me about a week to ten days,I do suffer from fibromyalgia have done for 12 years it does seem to intensify things so hopefully you will fair better. Piccalily! Ah! Well ! Thats just me! Weir…
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  • Oh yes! The pain in the jaw was excruciating!😖
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  • Hello Lou, Rob and Jackie! Lovely to be back with you all! Yes Jackie sounds like we are on the same chemo I'm on Capox, Oxaliplatin (that's the nasty one) and Capecitabine, have suffered all those side effects, cramps in muscles ! I was actually …
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  • 👍xx Watching Pompey on the box at mo, Self medicating with a couple of glasses of Chardonnay seeing free of chemo at the mo! Good to be back! Xx
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  • Hi everyone! Lesley here, I'm suffering from bowel cancer too, just finished fourth round of chemo, not been good, every side effect going I had! I know has to be done,but my goodness it's brutal ! Seeing oncologist Monday morning for results of M …
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  • Oh Lou, the only trouble is me, Heston has asked if he can help, I've done something wrong, don't worry, will always find a way through!xxx
  • Oh! I can't stop laughing! They have come out upside down! You are going to have to look at them standing on your heads! I'm worn out now! Not doing any more!🤣so wanted you to see Pompey Lass and my little smart car! Just Nuts! Going for a lie down …
  • Oh this has been hard work! Try again! https://us.v-cdn.net/6030992/uploads/343/IILN06HDQ3GJ.jpg https://us.v-cdn.net/6030992/uploads/415/YM6MJX9XPHUA.jpg https://us.v-cdn.net/6030992/uploads/613/LUL6Y6E4MP6U.jpg