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  • Just hope my room looks as good as that one!
  • Will do , post soon ! Xx
  • Hello Karin, Having op on Monday for bowel cancer, worried, but, waited for this moment in time for ages! Had lots of treatment, Chemotherapy and radiotherapy to get to this point, will keep you posted on how everything goes! 🤞
  • Lou and Rob Just seen your photos ! Lou you are definitely a legend! Love the photo! Girl power! Get it on!!! Rob ! Love the photo of you too! 😃
  • Rob! Just seen the photo of you all! Looks wonderful! And what a handsome group you are! That looks suspiciously like a very cold bottle of water on your table! Not ice cold Chardonnay? Please tell me its not water! 🤔😁
  • Thank you both Lou and Rob ! Yes hanging in there! Made me laugh about Lou and her twin sister! You are both very special too!😙
  • Hi Pinkpoodle! Like you I'm going through treatment for bowel cancer, yes all pretty daunting at the beginning, had 4 rounds of chemo then 5 weeks of radiotherapy and chemo I'm now at the stage that my tumours have reduced and can have surgery! So p…
  • Yes I'm back! Hanging in there! Xxx
  • Oh! Jackie Lou and Rob ,just been reading your post, Lou and Jackie you have had so much to cope with just lately, I cried! I've been so self absorbed and feeling sorry for myself it made me realise it's not all about me, I do hope things are look…
  • Got to have radiotherapy Monday to Friday every week for 5 weeks plus chemo tablets on the days I have radiotherapy! Get weekends off🤗on week three now ! Side effects build up over this time but never mind! Got to be done! Surgery after that🤞
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  • Hi Tracy yes relaxing now.I had a pet scan it's where they inject solution into you to show certain areas doesn't hurt , and the Ct machine is like a big polo mint that passes over you, nothing like theMri scan I didn't like it because I get claust…
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  • Hi Tracy hope you ok? Have you heard anything yet from the hospital? I had a session of radiotherapy this morning and crashed out this afternoon! Wide awake now bet I wont sleep tonight! Good post from Mpatz ,very positive! See we will get there! We…
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  • It's hard, not going to pretend it's not, but you will get through it you will have lots of support from family friends and us! Xx
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  • No Havant lost my hair,got a tiny bit thinner but hardly noticeable! The chemotherapy they give for bowel cancer doesn't affect your hair I find that amazing! I thought all chemotherapy made your hair fall out but , apparently not! So we are really …
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  • Yes I had chemo first but sometimes they give radiotherapy , I had to have chemotherapy because I had the two tumours, one was too near another organ to have the radiotherapy! When they scanned me after the chemo the larger one had responded to the…
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  • I can't really say in your case but with mine they had to reduce the size of the tumour before surgery, this gives them more chance of getting all the cancer so I had chemotherapy first ,but everyone is different, while you wait you worry that they…
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  • Me again, I should imagine you will hear from the hospital pretty quickly for your next appointment, I expect by post to see your oncologist, if you can try and take someone with you, friend or family, you won't be able to take everything in at fir…
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  • Oh and as Lou said! Keep away from Google! Xx
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  • Yes you will!👍xxx
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  • Me again! You will find out how wonderful the nursing staff are! They are absolute Angels! You will come across the odd one! But in general they are brilliant! Nothing is too much and when you go home after your treatments never be worried about con…
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  • Hello Tracy yes will definitely keep in touch! I'm not sure about the size of your tumour,I don't know the size of mine, I'm an ostrich! Don't want to know how big mine are too frightened to know! They know this at the hospital, I'm such a wimp don…
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  • Hi Tracy, Lesley here, sorry to hear about your diagnosis, I too have bowel cancer, and managed to get myself two tumours in there!🙄I'm Half way throughout my treatment! Had chemo first for 4 rounds had a rest now on five weeks of chemo tablets and …
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  • Lovely! I love chilli! Being really naughty spose to be drinking loads of water! I have tried! Will try better tomorrow! Yes it's so frustrating knowing my daughter is 10 minutes away! Life just keeps on throwing things our way! Never mind ! Enjoy y…
  • Just tasted floppy meatballs! Lovely! 😋xx
  • Hello Everyone! IPad charged now! Bit fed up daughter and partner up to see me but both have a virus and frightened to come to the house! They are staying in a hotel 10mins away with the fearsom miniture hound Charlie! I could cry! They are so scare…
  • Hello Evertone! Hope you up are all ok! Oh Jackie I didn't know you have been in hospital! I do hopefully you are ok now! I don't know where I've been posting but found you all now! My phone is really up the creek! As i am typing is about 10 secs be…
  • Hi Tracy , been reading your posts , you will have so much support here, we are all supporting each other, there are lovely people here! We are your online family ! Good and bad we are here for you! 👍Xx
  • Love the poem Rob! Lesley 😗
  • Oops ! Out again today! Blimey never done so much! Knackered! Hope you all well! Will catch up tomorrow! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Sorry Rob ! Strong men too! Xxx