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  • Hi Lou, I have spoken to my GP and she has contacted my consultant, but because my scan was clear in November he doesn't think it could be anything serious, but I am in constant pain and getting really worried that my cancer is back, thanks for getting back to me x
  • Hi, I was diagnosed with lung cancer Marchk2019, I had upper left lobectomy. Have been OK, apart from pain in between my shoulder blades, taking gabapentin but not helping. Could this be a recurrence of cancer, thank you.
  • Hi Candyfloss, I also had lobectomy on 29th April, how are you doing, hopefully u are getting better. I had mine done with key hole surgery. I don't know about u, but I still have a lot of pain, in lots of medication for it, but still really painful. My breathing is OK, but I struggle with stairs, not tried any hills yet…
  • Hi, Lou, it's been 3 weeks now since my operation to remove tumour from my lung. I have been lucky they were able to do lobectomy with key hole surgery. But I still have a further area they found when they did pet scan. I think I have to have radiotherapy for that, but will see surgeon again on the 30th for results. I…
  • Thanks Rob, appreciate it x
  • Thanks for the Lou, the funny thing is, I'm a nurse and have nursed so many people with cancer, and have cared for them and had empathy for them, but to be told its happening to you is undescribable. I can now understand what they were going through mentally. Hopefully I will hear tomorrow whether it has spread or if it is…