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  • Hi @Flooooo welcome to the forum and its lovely that you want to help her. I suffer really badly with restless legs and the best thing I've found is magnesium. It comes in spray and tablets. I prefer the tablets. Any health shop would be able to give you the best ones. You can also get magnesium bath salts. Your mum could…
  • Hi @Debra I'm not post yet but I believe the palpitations can go in for a long time but I would advise you to see a gp just to get your blood pressure checked x
  • I've just realised you said you had the coil 5 years ago when you were 49. Sorry haven't put my glasses on lol. If I were you I wouldn't bother having it replaced. Leave it where it is and opt for oestrogel and ask for bloods to see your progesterone levels then go for the progesterone tablets too. Many ladies I've spoken…
  • Hi @Deborah Walton can I ask your age? OK so firstly they now say you can keep the coil in for 7 years and if you are over 50 you don't need it replaced. I have the coil. I also use oestrogel and progesterone tablets as the coil gives off a synthetic progesterone which some people don't agree with and the tablets are more…
  • Morning ladies. I was going to say the same thing, to get your bloods checked. I had similar symptoms when I had an overactive thyroid years ago. Definitely worth speaking to the gp. X
  • There are a lot of free online courses going on at the moment to get people through this horrific time. Do you have any hobbies? I started crochet a year or so ago and it's really addictive. My daughter suffers with anxiety and took up painting. She has actually become really good at it and she says it calms her nerves. X
  • Hi @SuzC that's really sad to hear. You would think that they would realise that it happens to all women and have something in place. Do you work in a big company? Or have occupational health? I work in the NHS so guess they have to acknowledge it. It may be worth speaking with other ladies of your age and setting up a…
  • I now work from home on Tuesdays and I love it. Working all day while I'm my pj's. Can't beat it :)
  • Hi @MonicaM I found that cutting out dairy has really helped me. My middle tyre has drastically reduced. I now only use oat milk and find it so much better x
  • Hi @Lottie50 unfortunately it hasn't happened to me but a lot of ladies do say that they have got bigger boobs so I would say yes it could very well be a sign of menopause. Although I wouldn't know how to stop this from happening. May be hrt may help as it regulates the hormones that you lose during menopause x
  • Hi @annie I get this too. I have found that aloe Vera gel rubbed on my scalp really does help. I get it all at the back of my head and scratch so much I make it bleed. X
  • Hi @flowergirl5 sorry to hear you are going through this. UTIs can be very painful. The only advice I can give you that's helped me in the past is to drink lots of water and drink ocean spray cranberry juice. Cranberry juice cleans the system and can help. Also if you are sexually active then make sure you pee before and…
    in UTIs Comment by Julie20 October 2020
  • Hi @kate1968. I waa also suffering with terrible mood swings and like you my blood test showed that I was low in progesterone. The instant change in my moods once I started the tablets was amazing. Rather than stopping them like you have why not try cutting down to one every other night then one every 2 nights etc. Nothing…
  • I ate weetabix for years and it didn't help but the bran flakes have definitely made a big difference which I'm pleased about as my partner made me his project to go to the toilet daily instead of every 3-4 days.. He is impressed 🤣
  • Hi hajra unfortunately no we don't have a WhatsApp group. You can discuss anything you want to on here or email moderators or admin if you feel you can't post to the group and we will help you in any way we can x
  • Hi @Ette I have heard that menopause can cause a weird taste in the mouth. Not had it myself yet but I'm sure it's on my hit list.. X
  • Hi @DianePorterfield-Bourne I bought the milk of magnesia and it does actually say its for constipation so I took it. It did work. I went regular for 3 days and now constipated again grrrr.. I would speak to my Dr but his answer would be to drink warm milk and take paracetamol. Its his dinosaur answer to everything. X
  • Morning @MonicaM it's not easy is it trying to find something that works. I find I'm getting more and more moody days but I think it's a number of things causing it. Holiday cancelled. Stress at work. 12 hour shifts. Homelife. I also think covid has done a lot of damage to people's mental health without even realising it. X
  • Hi @Lottie Thank you for being so open about your feelings. I haven't heard it being related to menopause but then who knows as menopause brings me new surprises every day. If you feel happy to act on your thoughts then try it out and see how you feel. I'm a believer that at this time in our lives anything goes that makes…
  • This lady will be an absolute God send to this page. Perfect ❤️
  • Hi @DianePorterfield-Bourne my worst symptom is definitely the awful mood swings. I can go from zero to a million on seconds. I know I'm ranting but have no control over it. X
  • Hi @TinaSparkle to be honest I don't think you can go purely on test results as lots of ladies have tests that come back as normal but feel like everything around them in falling apart. You need to go on your personal symptoms. If you have symptoms then you are probably menopausal. Tests don't necessarily show a difference…
  • I went on the central line yesterday. It was an absolute killer. Its so humid. Sitting here now with a fan on and the back door open and there is no air at all. Don't get me wrong I love the hear but this is too humid to enjoy x
    in Heat Comment by Julie20 August 2020
  • Morning @labelab you will be surprised how anxiety can manifest itself. It could be that you are anxious thst you know you will have the sweats but the sweats are worse because you are anxious if thst makes sense. The gp can prescribe medication that counteracts the sweats so it may be worth asking for these but you should…
  • Hi @labelab I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this at such a young age. Have you been diagnosed with anxiety? My daughter who is 24 suffers with it and when she has a full blown anxiety attack she becomes very hot and sweaty her palms become soaked and it's like she is having a hot flush. Do you think it could be…
  • I also meant to add. Congratulations on losing the weight in the first place. You have achieved so much. I can't lose a lb unless it's out of my purse. :). Don't be too hard on yourself. You are doing brilliantly x
  • Hi @jaybabes3 firstly welcome. OK so how tall are you? 9st is very light so I really wouldn't worry too much. Living on slim fast isn't healthy. Try lots of fish and vegetables instead. You aren't getting any of the nutrition you need from slimfast. Cut out bread and other starchy food and your weight should be fine.…
  • Morning @BettyBoop12 sorry to hear you are having to put up with this. Have you been back to the gp and told him you have all the symptoms again? It can take a long time to get the dosage correct so it's not unusual to feel like this. Anti depressants are actually very good for symptoms of menopause. They regulate the mood…
  • Morning ladies. Got a phone call yesterday from the hospital. My internal scan is this Tuesday so fingers crossed it all gets sorted quickly x
  • Hi @MonicaM I have the mirena coil. Has it a year now. The gynae said they are good but give off a synthetic hormone where as the progesterone tablet gives a natural one. X