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  • Hi @[email protected] Glad to hear your chemo is going well ...... hoping you don't feel too poorly. How many have you left? Be good to get the x-ray over and done so you know where you stand. Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you. Stay strong Flower Girl 🌺🌹🥀🌼⚘🌻🌸💮
  • Hello @Berniexdee How are you doing? I am unsure if you had a mastectomy or lumpectomy? I had a mastectomy last year and I still have numbnes, tingling and twingy pains in the whole area around the missing breast......its actually quite bizarre how full of sensation something that isn't there seems to have 🤔 Please let us…
  • Best of luck @Andy will be thinking of you on the day 23rd ........ hope you are feeling positive - it WILL be worth the discomfort the outcome WILL be positive. Stay strong 😊 Flower Girl 🥀🌹🌼🌺
  • Hello diddydi68 .......😁 Good to hear that things are moving along now. I expect you are very worried about this ❤ but don't be it's not as bad as it sounds .....really it's not 🙂 Have you to have injections to trace your lymph node passage? If you do it's quite painful but not unbearable and once it's done - it's done!…
  • Well Congratulations 😁 although I never doubted that you would manage it. (I bet it wasn't half as bad as you thought?) So now to the next stage......be good to get cracking with it. Try not to worry too much - it's all doable (sometimes not nice - but doable). Make sure and ask loads of questions so that you are happy…
  • Thank you Rob for the welcome 😁 I expect that you......like me and probably loads of others here ...... were completely blown out of the water when you got your diagnoses!! It was never suggested to me that anything was "wrong" only that the mammogram was not clear !! Boy did I get a shock when they wanted to perform a…
  • Hi Lou 😀 Thank you for your response......to be honest I am not really troubled by the side affects - once I am alive ☺ I too will take the tablets and Thank God (and my lovely surgeon and oncologist) for getting me this far. I will do my best to offer any advice or comfort to anyone that is struggling with their diagnosis…
  • You poor thing 😥 I too was terrified of the MRI bit ........ but I did get through it. Go to your GP I think that they can prescribe a sedative to calm you beforehand - please try one more go at it you may surprise yourself (if weedy old worrisome me can do it 😉). I'll be thinking of you 😊 Very sorry about your daughter…
  • Sorry you are worried .....all the way through my journey I have tried to be positive about it all......such as my mastectomy scar is something I'm proud of - I'm alive because of it ☺ same as the medication - its great despite making me feel sick and thinning my hair - it's killing any badness in me. Once you get day one…
  • Diddydi68 Don't worry ..... I was diagnosed with invasive lobular cancer stage 2 last September with two tumours. I elected for a mastectomy as opposed to a lumpectomy. This was carried out on the 11th October. I was an overnight patient......my tumour samples were sent for Oncotyping and came back as 11 - so no chemo. On…