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I just came across this. It was good to hear somebody else say out loud the things that I have thought or felt so many times I admit I shed a few tears. But I think it is always reassuring to know we’re not on our own (though through finding this LBW group I now know that that is not the case) I share it, not to make you cry, but in the hope that it might help some of my buddies in the group Ive not posted for a while, I hope you’re all doing well. I think we’ll all be doing a lot better when this blinking rain stops!!! ok... here’s hoping I’ve pressed the right buttons to share this YouTube clip🤞🤞🤞


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  • Me again!! I’m so easily distracted from housework! When I saw my GP for pain relief I was referred to our local hospice to see the pain relief doctor there (Queenscourt in Southport, near my home) Initially, my heart sank as you can imagine. Hospice!... are you writing me off?!! Apparently it’s not just “end of life”care…
  • Thank you @jacksprat_x1 and @RobertA I feel a bit guilty Jackie moaning about moviprep when I was lucky enough to escape having a colostomy. It’s great though that you are having it reversed. I know what you mean Rob about being near loo. It’s a bit dicey at times getting my concoctions right so I too have to know am not…
  • @Oconnorm welcome I am too am a newbie to these chats and wish I had found them earlier. How wonderful to know that I’m not on my own.(I have wonderfully supportive family and friends but don’t feel they really “get it”.) We take such a battering during this horrible process, both mentally and physically and many is the…
  • @Sunshinedaff Thanks Lou Enjoy rest of your weekend xx
  • All clear!! A bit of stricture round site of op but no action to be taken at the moment. As long as I keep managing that side of things and dosing myself with the senna and laxido it should be ok. Oh the joys!! The colonoscopy itself went ok despite registrar saying it could be difficult as after 4 major abdominal…
  • jackie..... thank you so so much. Just read this on way to hospital. It means so much to have support from people that know what it’s about. Thank you xx
  • Hi all. Managed my swim though didn’t do quite so much as was getting sore but feel so pleased with myself for making myself get up and doing it. Hope you managed to do yours @Cloughie. Am gearing up for colonoscopy on Saturday morning, so it’s been the boring bland diet today, nothing tomorrow apart from light breakfast…
  • I do hope you are feeling a little brighter today Lou. Off days have a nasty habit of creeping up on us just when you don’t want them, but thankfully the good weather has lasted longer than we could have hoped for and maybe you’ve been able to enjoy some of it. I find gardening very therapeutic even if I can’t do it quite…
  • Many of us put on a brave face for friends and family and when treatment is finished it’s easy for them as a result of this to think how “strong “ you were fighting this illness. Little do they know how deep inside hidden by our brave exteriors we are traumatised . Well I certainly feel that way. I feel I am being…