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Dear Liz I am 71 and 6 days ago I had a double mastectomy and lympnode biobsy(right side). I had very big breasts, 44K, hence the reason for removing not just the breast with the tumours but also the healthy one. (My request to avoid back/hip problems). I have not had any reconstruction and don't invisage this being an option in the future. I have been given a compression breast wrap to wear. Iniatially I had some bleeding but this has now stopped but I do have a very long scar running from well under my armpits on both sides. The scar looks neat and seems quite flat. It is about 30 inches. I don't have any drains and although there is alot of bruising there are no large swellings. I presume the compression breast wrap is to help avoid swelling and liquid build up. I don't find it particularily comfortable as it is tight and it rolls up. I am wearing large dressings to avoid any rubbing.Althoughan NHS patient I had my operation in a private hospital My breast care nurse checked the bleeding and removed the plaster covers yesterday. She also cleaned the wound and putsome dressings between the scar and the compression wrap. The NHS hospital doesn't use compression wraps, it seems to be something the provate hospitals are using. My querries are What is the purpose and advantages of the compression breast wrap? How long should I wear it for? Although not very comfortable I will wear it for as long as it is helping. Will it help me avoid lymhodeama? My breast care nurse gave me some dressing pads but I have found I need to use 4 to cover the wound. Where can I get more? Could my GP perscribe them? I would like to put on clean dressings every day after my bath/shower. My surgeon is very nice and approachable as is my breast nurse but in this busy covid time I don't want to be a nuissance ringing up so I would be very gratful for answers and any advice you are able to give me. I am doing the exercises given to me and although I have some intermittend electric shock type pains and some aches I am pretty good. I have even been out for short walks. Thank you for your help Rozalia PS I have put this here as well as on the ask the expert as I am not sure where it should go. Appologies. I should also have said that I have finished my chemo in February and am now on Herceptin target injections and about to start Letrozole


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