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LouiseJ 8 Aug 2019 Hi Pete, Welcome to the community, I am really so sorry to hear of everything you have gone through and now even more treatments ahead of you without an end in sight. It truly sounds horrendous, you have endured a lot of suffering. Are you able to talk with your oncologist more or nursing team about how terrible the catheterising process is? Is there anything else that can be done to help that process? I know Rob, , and others here will understand more about the experiences you have gone through. I am sure you will be able to have ‘like-minded’ chats, knowing people actually ‘get’ what you are talking about. All of us will understand completely about the impact cancer has caused. It turns your life around, inside out, upside down. You have spent the last 12 months focusing on physically getting through operations, treatments, now to find you need more is a tough blow. It is really tough mentally and emotionally dealing with cancer, I think lots of us parked that aspect while concentrating on the physical stuff going on. You are always welcome to come here and chat, vent, rage, whatever it is. I hope you will find help and support whenever you need it, everyone is very friendly, aiming to help each other along at whatever stage we are at. Chat soon Lou x ooops, I think I posted in the wrong place but thank you for your helpful words Louise. When the surgeon met with me at my bedside after the last bladder op he said I would be getting a consultant appointment within two weeks but that's on NHS time so I converted that to two months -:) . This time I have a lot more questions than previously. Especially because I was expecting "the next op to fix it" but as said; according to the surgeon, I'm now to expect an op every three month so that changes the diagnosis completely and especially so as far as work goes. Just over a year ago I was working a full time 5 x day week well salaried job and now I am lucky if I can manage even two days a week and even at that, its hard to fully concentrate. Oh! as well as all this I am also diabetic so managing my BCi's (Bloods) has been another story. At some stages I have been as high as 28+++. Anyway, thanks again.


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