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Travelling far for treatment?

Does anyone have to travel out of town/state/country for their treatment? 


  • CampanaCampana Posts: 2
    2 hour train journey, overnight in accommodation (we have to fund)
    No financial support. 
    A real struggle
  • cosiecosie Posts: 28 ✭✭
    Ouch. I’m sorry to hear that @Campana. Which part of the country are you in? X
  • CampanaCampana Posts: 2
    Essex travelling to Chelsea 
  • Campana said:
    2 hour train journey, overnight in accommodation (we have to fund)
    No financial support. 
    A real struggle
    That sounds rubbish, @Campana sorry you're having to travel on the train as well - I imagine public transport is the last place you want to be after an appointment 😕
  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,109 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I live in Jersey and had to travel to Addenbrookes for daily radiotherapy treatments which required me to stay in Cambridge for five weeks. 

    We were very fortunate as Jersey funded my treatment and provided a flat for me near to the hospital. My wife (or me) had to pay for her flights and taxis but she was allowed to stay in the flat with me free of charge. 

    Addenbrookes arranged for me to have morning appointments so we were free to enjoy Cambridge and Ely etc. as if we were holidaymakers. 

    I think we were very lucky as we chatted to several people who had fairly long journeys and found it tiring and wearing as their treatment progressed and started to affect them. 
  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 605 mod
    I didn't as I was fortunate to have two hospitals on my doorstep. It must be so much harder for those who have to endure hours of travelling each time to see Drs or have treatment. Drugs and treatment etc already deplete our energy resources, add in travel tiredness, even worse. 
    When I was having radiotherapy, I met a lady who was travelling up daily from south Devon, I don't think they were able to arrange somewhere to stay. That was at least 5-6 hours travelling per day. It was the nearest hospital to her that had a radiotherapy machine.
    @RobertA, sounds like you had really good care and provision for your treatment, it makes a huge difference.
    @Campana, I feel for you having to travel so much, I hope you get through it soon. 

    Louise x
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