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UPDATED: RENAMED: Gardening, 'all shapes and sizes, hints, tips and pics' thread!



  • AnnebAnneb Posts: 186 ✭✭✭

    Hello Everyone,

    So sorry for not joining in. I have been working 6 days a week the past fortnight.

    However there have been lots of work achieved by my husband in our garden .

    When i have a chance i will pop a few phots of his achievements up.

    I hope everyone is well and life isbtreating you well


    Margy 🌹💐🌸🏵💘💐🌸🌹🏵

  • Chilali1531Chilali1531 Posts: 135 ✭✭✭

    Morning everyone!

    Gosh the days fly by don’t they? It’s been pretty hot here & going to get hotter apparently ( even in UK) !

    Im still waiting for chemo, partly due to bed space, partly due to my platelets still being a bit too low. So we were able to escape to the hills last weekend where the temperatures were more bearable.

    Everything is looking jaded in the garden due to heat even tho we water each day. I think they may impose a hosepipe ban soon.

    Im missing the sea ...I do hope you’re profiting from it. Afternoon tea overlooking the sea sounds lovely ( except I don’t like tea) so would have to be coffee. Oooh just fancy a cream tea - that’d be lovely !! How about cucumber & marmite sandwiches Rob?

    Time to hang the washing... it dries here in a tick !

    A bientôt chers amis 😎 Ali x

  • AnnebAnneb Posts: 186 ✭✭✭

    @LouiseJ @RobertA @NanaBubbles @Chilali1531 @jacksprat_x1

    Well hello everyone. Your photos are just brilliant. I love the colours.

    So dull here in the Winter time, just lots of maintenance. We had 4 trees trimmed. Oh the mess. Took the boys 2 days to clear away and take to the tip.

    We have ( well Pete and beau have 😂😂) extended the roof around the front of the house. Will all be finished this weekend.

    Just some concreting out the front of house in September when it is warmer and we are finished. It cracks in cold weather apparently.

    I have my Margarette Daisy to go in but we are having frost after frost now. So i have to be patient and keep everything under cover. Another 6 trees to go in but once again...Frosts...😢😢 i shouldnt complain as i love the winter instead of 40 to 45 degrees in summer. At least the new roof will be lovely and shady .

    I love looking at the photos, especially the vegetables Lou. You are doing brilliantly. Do you get enough cucumbers to pickle. I love them pickle.

    I cant start my vegetable garden untill mid September, so really not too long to go.

    Heavens it will be Christmas soon....woo hoo....the best time of the year 🎄🎄🎄🎄

    The start

    Almost finished

    My little Bonsai

    All the mess after chopping trees

    Cant wait for leaves for a little privacy again....lovely neighbours though. Great friends💘

    All cleaned up 💖💖💖

    Happy gardening and i hope you are all going well

    Love and hugs



  • NanaBubblesNanaBubbles Posts: 160 ✭✭✭

    @LouiseJ @RobertA @Chilali1531 @Anneb @jacksprat_x1

    Hello everyone

    Thank you for all your good wishes for my PeT scans yesterday which went well although I had a phone call on Monday to cancel my morning appointment yesterday as the machine was overheating! Fortunately they managed to get an engineer to sort out the problem in the morning and they gave me a late afternoon appointment instead! Feeling a bit whacked today but can have a peaceful day at home to recover. Being radioactive for a while always makes me feel a bit odd!!

    Jackie - your scan visit sounds very much like mine yesterday with no accompanying people allowed in, social distancing, everyone wearing masks and only 3 people there for scans. A screen has been erected around the reception desk and the chairs in the waiting area were all socially distanced. It is sad to see that all the magazines and leaflets have gone. As you say, the new ‘normal’! Poor Geoff had to wait 3 hours for me so walked all around the perimeter of the hospital, then fell asleep in the car!

    Ali -I hope that you have your chemo appointment now and that you are doing alright. Your hibiscus flowers are just gorgeous and your sunflowers but your photo of the sunrise is stunning!

    Lou - wow! Your produce looks amazing! You are well ahead of us here but being further south I guess you are a bit warmer and sunnier than here. We have tomatoes beginning to ripen now so hopefully by next week they will be edible and the cucumbers are on their way too. Your garden is so colourful, I agree with Rob that you definitely have green fingers! The watering can be a bit of a chore but a relatively pleasant one and now that we have had some rain the water butts are full again and that makes life easier.

    Rob - glad you are feeling less tired and settling in well. Afternoon tea in a seaside cafe sounds idyllic to me! I do love being by the sea and find it always makes me feel better both physically and mentally.

    Margy - the work on your home looks brilliant and `I am sure you must be very pleased with it all. As you go into spring and summer you will certainly feel the benefit of it all. September planting will soon be here as you say!

    Time really does seem to be flying at the moment! When we started lockdown I wondered how on earth we would pass the time but I think many people, like us, are pleased to have a gentler pace of life. Coming back from the hospital yesterday we heard a report on the radio from central London where so many of the offices are remaining closed with the employees working from home. My son and daughter-in-law are amongst these and happy to do so - they will not miss a panic to get home in time to pick up the grandchildren from nursery!

    I hope everyone has a good afternoon/evening.

    Love to all,

    Michele x

  • LouiseJLouiseJ Posts: 815 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Good afternoon everyone,

    I hope you are all having a good day whichever part of the world you are in.😁

    Enjoying a beautiful warm sunny day here, sat in the garden this morning just chilling (or hotting😂).

    Ali, the mountain photography is stunning, I can't imagine being that close to mountains on a regular basis. It is so great you have a bolt hole to escape to to unwind, re charge, relax etc.

    Margy, the house and garden are looking fantastic, Pete and Beau are certainly kept busy with it all! haha.

    You really should not be mentioning xxxx, one of the girls told me how many days/ weeks it was, I very quickly shut that conversation down, even though like you it is a favourite of mine, but I just can't stand that I have to go through Autumn and Winter to get there. Why can't it just be summer all the time is what I want to know??!!😂😂

    I do have more cucumbers growing still, there are quite a few, and this morning I picked another punnet of tomatoes. The exciting news of today is we found two more sweetcorn growing on the stalks, I thought we would only get one on each but it looks like we will be able to have one each! haha, 😁.

    How are you feeling today Michele? I am glad your appointment went ok eventually, after getting the machine sorted. Thank you so much for the kind words, yes watering takes a little while, but I have now enlisted the help of the girls, so with four of us, it doesn't take long at all now.

    I agree, afternoon tea by the seaside does sound fabulous, I will write about an adventure on the photo club page later, haha. This is the time we should have been in France, so Mark is off for two weeks. I think his office is meant to be opening, but he is not returning any time soon. They share some space with another company, in communal areas, which are hardly the cleanest at the best of times. Not the most idea with covid around.

    I will post some pics later from my phone,

    Chat later,

    Lou xx


  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,273 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Anneb @LouiseJ @NanaBubbles @Chilali1531 @jacksprat_x1

    Good afternoon everybody

    Oh Ali. The scenery in the mountains is gorgeous and I would be just as happy there as by the sea. Haha, cucumber and Marmite! Interesting.🙄 I love tea and drink it all the time. My Dad was a Yorkshireman and I think I inherited it from him. I imagine that your parents drink tea as they live there.

    Hi Margy. Your home looks amazing and the boys are doing a great job. Mary is soo jealous and wants to borrow them. Just as well she didn't check my DIY credentials before we got married. 🤣😂

    Haha Lou, that was funny - I know what you mean. Not Chillin just Hotting.🤣😎 The cream tea was a much needed break for Mary and I. We have been going non stop since our move and we so enjoyed a nice lazy afternoon in beautiful surroundings. I think we will be finished by Christmas🎄😉 One thing for sure, we will have plenty of decorations as there are at least three boxes full of them in our storage room.

    Rob xx

  • AnnebAnneb Posts: 186 ✭✭✭


    Hi Ali

    My favourite sandwiches are vegemite and cucumber too or

    vegemite , cucumber, cheese and lettuce .

    I thought i was the only person who loves them.

    My husband thinks i am weird🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Love margy💖💖💖

  • Chilali1531Chilali1531 Posts: 135 ✭✭✭

    Hello dear friends

    Well it’s supposed to be 40c in Toulouse today which is far too hot ! You can’t go outside & poor Chili just lies on the tiled floor in the laundry room where it’s coolest. I hose her down ( which she hates) but even the water isn’t really cold. Tomorrow this heatwave is apparently ending. 🤣

    We’re having my daughter Hannah’s dog tonight for a week as they’re going camping to Argeles (Med near Perpignan) . That’ll be nice company for Chili as she & Olia get on well. I think we’ll try to go to the river Tarn again on Sunday so the dogs can swim.

    Last night we ate the melon from our garden ( the only one). It wasn’t v big but quite tasty. Peter made a Caesar salad of a kind with added green pepper (cooked). Everything we make at the moment has green pepper in as we must have had 20 of them from our two pot plants. Will certainly try growing them again next year. Sweet corn is a good idea Lou, I wonder if it would work in a tub? I love it on the barbecue!

    Yes Rob, my parents do drink a lot of tea, being Yorkshire. I don’t know why I don’t like it but I really don’t. I often bring a box of Yorkshire tea back with me for French friends who love it ( but they never drink it with milk). No, I didn’t check Peters DIY credentials either when we got married & regret it !! Especially as our house in the Pyrenees is old & now needs a lot doing to it ! For some reason Peter much prefers sitting in a deck chair reading & watching the mountains!! Margy you are indeed very lucky !

    I agree with you Michele about enjoying working from home & the slower pace of life. I know Peter would prefer to continue working from home & is not looking forward to going back into work in September. Although with the way Corona seems to be spreading again we may we be back in lockdown. Get the loo rolls & flour in !!

    No Rob, you can’t mention 🎄 till after the summer holidays. As I was in hospital all Nov & Dec last year & only just got out on 24th I wasn’t able to enjoy the build up. So this year I’m going to have at least two xxx trees & really go to town! Oh no, maybe we ll be in lockdown & there won’t be any xxx trees ? What a dreadful thought !!

    Margy, in fact my all time favourite sandwich has to be peanut butter with pickle (& salt n vinegar crisps on the side). But Vegemite cucumber cheese & lettuce sounds fab. I’ll try it. No, it’s not you who are weird ! 🤪

    This afternoon I have to go to the Mairie ( town hall) to start proceedings for my French identity card. I have 2 recent photos as required, with no hair. I’m wondering what’ll happen when I get my hair back as I look quite different with hair ! One thing I certainly would not miss if I didn’t live in France is all the administration here. It’s not all croissants 🥐 & wine 🍷! But I have to admit, the weather, countryside & way of life make up for that 😋

    Time to get up , I can smell fresh coffee. Peter may not have DIY credentials but he looks after me well.Im sure you’re the same with Mary, Rob 😍!

    A bientôt Ali XX

    Our nearest town in Pyrenees

    A French escargot ! Huge ...

  • SunshinedaffSunshinedaff Posts: 1,445 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Good morning Ali and everyone. 😄

    Yes, we have another scorcher here too Ali, but not quite as hot as you. Mark and his brother are going to fix the shed roof this morning.

    Ahh poor Chili, the heat is tough on our gorgeous pets isn't it. We usually find the cats sprawled flat out on the garage stone floor or under the trampoline in the garden. We also have a glass top on the dining table, which they love to lie on too.

    I am growing the corn in tubs Ali, I planted two seedlings in a tub/pot. They were fiendishly difficult to get started though. I initially had six seeds. Only two took.

    That snail, not for eating I assume! 😂, Guessing it is a garden invader! Haha.

    Another lovely photo of the Pyrenees.

    There are always so many jobs to do around the house and garden. We were sat in the garden yesterday chatting about this, but I did say, much better to sit for a while. The jobs are always going to be there, one after the other, they keep rolling in. It is hard to find the motivation for the boring ones though, haha.

    Ok, so I love Marmite, cucumber, lettuce.. .but not together!! 😂😂😂

    Pickle, you mean like Branston? With peanut butter??? No! That's just wrong too!! Hahaha 😂😂😂, but I haven't tried it, so maybe I should reserve opinion til after!! 😂😂

    Did you grow melon from seed? I am drying out a nectarine stone to get the seeds out.

    I have been up for hours, had coffee but still feel exhausted. Need to get some more I think. 😄☕

    I don't want to think about xxxx, I know though it will come around too fast. I need to mentally prepare for summer ending. I know it probably sounds nuts, but it makes a huge difference to me when the seasons change from summer to autumn and winter. I do love the colours etc, it is simply the lack of light and warmth that affects me.

    Sweetcorn growing and sunflowers starting to flower. The ones by the chairs were horizontal yet again on Monday, how they still have heads on I don't know. The ones by the house are so tall too but Mark has strung them attached to a hook on the wall, stops them falling over.

    Have a great day friends, chat later, going to find that coffee...


    Lou xxx

  • NanaBubblesNanaBubbles Posts: 160 ✭✭✭

    Good morning everybody

    It is not quite 10 am and hot here already! I hope everybody is ok and expect you are enjoying the warmth Lou.

    Goodness me Lou, your sunflowers are sooo tall! What a good idea to secure them to the wall. Our tomatoes are just ripening now and should be picking next week I think. Cucumbers coming along nicely too. I had a pea picking session the other day and blanched them for the freezer. We are also pulling carrots now but my leafy veg are being eaten so I have had to cover them - not sure if it is birds or insects.

    I sat and did the national Butterfly Count yesterday and in a quarter of an hour had five different species in the garden including about 10 cabbage whites - that’s probably what is eating my veg!!

    Yes, thank you I am feeling better now after my scan although it has taken me a couple of down days and a migraine to get through. Just have to wait for the results now.

    Have a good day everyone.


    Michele x

  • SunshinedaffSunshinedaff Posts: 1,445 ✭✭✭✭✭


    Hi Michele,

    Ooh peas!! I used to love picking them as a child, I am going to have a go at those and runner beans and carrots next year, unless its good to do them now.

    Haha, lol, yes Mark and the Phoebe say it must be the plant food, making them twice as tall 😂. Bless Phoebs she reads everything literally!

    We have had loads of butterflies too, as evidenced by the munching in my fruit by the caterpillars!!

    I am sat in the garden writing this, hot, hot 🌞😎. Made fresh coffee and am having a pain au chocolat!

    Oh the migraine is not good, is that a usual response afterwards? Glad you are feeling better though.

    Mmm, awaiting results is always difficult isn't it. I hope it won't be too long for you.

    Have a great day, chat soon,

    Lou xxx

  • AnnebAnneb Posts: 186 ✭✭✭

    @Sunshinedaff @RobertA @NanaBubbles @Chilali1531 @jacksprat_x1

    Good morning my lovely friends

    Yes i did know about petes DIY 🤣🤣🤣 my mother told me after her first meeting with pete that he was a "keeper".

    They adored each other ( i lost my mother to Alzheimer's 4 years ago) she was the most beautiful person on earth.

    Pete had his own Sign writting business. His apprenticeship was in Carpentry and Signing. Lucky me 💖💖 it has saved us a gazillion🤣🤣dollars over the years by pete buiding, fixing, painting everything.

    The verandah is all finished. That was the last big renovation we had to do. ( we have only been in the house for 10 months and it is 25 years old, so needed a bit of TLC to bring it up to scratch)

    There is only the concreting of a new path out the front to do in warmer weather , which we will have the proffessionals come i and do.

    As pete said , concreting is not one of his strong suits🤣🤣🤣plus his body is getting weary. He is still in remission with Polymaligia and i really dont know how he does it all. He is a marvel.

    Lou, i know you know i love winter but we still have sunshine everyday of the year. We would only have 2 weeks of the year where it is overcast with rain or fog. I really cant imagine the gloom of your autumn and winters. As much as i love winter and dislike summer, i couldnt imagine not having sun.

    It is 9am here and the fog is still here but will go soon.

    Guess what everyone.....you are going to hate me🤣🤣🤣i have stated buying presents for 🎄🎄🎄🎄🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 i couldnt help myself 🤣🤣 beacause i work, it looms up on me too quickly and i hate running around scambling for ideas for the family and grandies.

    Plus we could go into another totally restricted lockdown at any minute here. Victoria is in the middle of another full on Covid infection. New South Wales and Queensland are fighting to control another wave.

    All our state borders are closed again. So no movement out of our own states.not that we are going anywhere as we do not want to catch covid.

    I hear it is pretty bad again over there too.

    We still do not have any cases...love living in the country. So i am doing things now just incase really.

    My bulbs are starting to peep up in the garden, which is lovely. The only colour besides green in the garden🤣🤣

    Everyones flowers and vegetables look so beautiful.

    Well i had better so before i bore you all to sleep🤣🤣🤣

    So much love to you all. Stay safe, shoulders back, chin up and laugh a lot. The best way to get through a day, oh and sleep when you feel like it💖💖💖


    Margy 🌹💐🌸🏵💘🏵🌸💐🌹🌹💐🌸🏵💘

    I had to send this photo so i could give you all a good laugh to start your day 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Love Margy

  • Chilali1531Chilali1531 Posts: 135 ✭✭✭

    Hi Everyone !

    Margy you are naughty! I gasped out loud when I saw the photo of that you know what tree ! Very funny 😂 I also buy presents all year round & have a drawer to keep them in. It really helped me last year when I had to prepare the stockings from my hospital bed on the phone with my husband !

    Well, I’m back in hospital for a 3-4 day chemo treatment. Comfortably installed in an a/c room which is a delight after sleeping in a 29c bedroom ! Think I’ll ask them if I can stay a bit longer ...

    Friends keep sending me lovely photos from the sea where they’re on holiday. I’m really hoping when my chemo has finished (hopefully Sept), we might be able to go for a few days to the sea somewhere. The Med is lovely in late summer- provided we’re not in lockdown by then tho it’s not looking good ! I’m posting a photo of one of my favourite places where we often go in Spain just 10 km after the border to cheer me up !

    Incredibly tall sunflowers Lou- you definitely get the prize! Ours have completely wilted now.

    Breakfast has arrived so I’ll stop now. Have a good day everyone 😊 Ali xx

  • Chilali1531Chilali1531 Posts: 135 ✭✭✭

    Btw I do mean Branston pickle Lou- try it - it’s delicious !!

  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,273 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Anneb @Chilali1531 @Sunshinedaff @NanaBubbles

    Good evening everyone

    Haha Ali. I fully understand Peter preferring to sit in a deckchair looking at the mountains and reading rather than doing DIY. Still, it is lovely to know that he looks after you so well. Mary broke her ankle quite badly a couple of years ago and I had to do absolutely everything at a time when I was not so well myself, but we got through as loving supportive couples do. I had to brush the cobwebs off my cooking skills but it went OK though Mary's expectations did push me to the limit. That escargot you photographed looked nice and plump though I haven't actually tried one yet.🙄 I am pleased that you are comfortable during your stay in hospital, but I bet you will be happy to get home to Peter and Chili.

    Oh Margy, you are naughty posting a pic of that Christmas tree 😂🤣 Still, it does make sense starting your Christmas shopping early before the big rush. How lovely that Pete and your Mum got on so well. My Mum in law was special too - she had a lovely Galway lilt and sense of fun and she was a frequent visitor to Mary and I in Jersey. Concreting is not one of my strong suits either, and nor are building, carpentry and painting 😱 I have polymyalgia too and I have been able to use it as an excuse up until now.

    Oh Lou, I have never seen sunflowers like those before. Good job they are not beanstalks, but don't go climbing them just in case 😂 I know what you mean about the Autumn and Winter, especially this year as Mary and I will only visit cafes and restaurants with outside areas at the moment. Still, we have triple glazing in our new home so we should be able to keep warm without contributing expensively to global warming. Our old home was lovely, but boy was it draughty.

    Hi Michele. I am keeping my fingers crossed for your scan. It is always nice to get the results out of the way. I have an important blood test on 12th August and it will be good to know the results whatever they are. Wow, you have a lot of butterflies in your area. Five different species in fifteen minutes is a lot and it must be lovely to see them.

    Love to you all

    Rob xx

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    @Anneb @Chilali1531 @RobertA @NanaBubbles @Jimjam @jacksprat_x1 @Nixster

    Good morning😄, hello, hello, hello! 🌞

    Another bright, warm, blue sky morning here.

    Ali, I am so glad you finally got a spot for your next round. I know you are being well cared for, I hope this round goes well. Have you got lots of things to occupy you, for when you have the energy? Do you have a lovely view from your room this time?

    The photos of Spain look lovely, it is great that you are not far from the border too.

    Margy!!!!! You are very naughty!!!!! 😂😂😂. That is all I am going to say.....😂😂😂

    Except....this will make you laugh. We hadn't been able to see my sister last Christmas due to her chemo treatment etc, in the New Year she had surgery. So their Christmas gifts sat in our lounge for a long time, now in my wardrobe. We visited them on Sunday for the first time, and she had ready the gifts she bought for last year, I have brought them home, they are now this year's gifts. Hopefully she will visit for Hannah's 21st next week, and I will give her last year's gifts. Just in case lockdown happens again and Christmas is affected. Lol, saves us money too! 😂.

    I can't believe it is 10 months since you moved Margy! Where has that gone? Well I know, months of it sat in our homes! The verandah looks fabulous, you have such a wonderful view.

    Rob, winter in your new home will be very different for you and Mary. You won't know yourselves! Just being able to relax knowing you haven't got to fix anything for winter. Where will you put your xxxx tree?? You could have two, one on the patio as well, that will look great!

    Eating snails??!! I did try them once, I loved them, but they didn't love me. That is all I will say on that! 😂😂.

    We managed to book another slot for the tip, I think Mark might have managed to get the last of the garden waste in the car. Now we can carry on, the grass needs doing and the shrubs etc. But we ran out of bags until the tip run was done.

    I am going to have coffee in the garden.

    I hope you all have a good day, no doubt I will chat to you later.


    Lou xxx

  • Chilali1531Chilali1531 Posts: 135 ✭✭✭

    Hello folks !

    Im already out of hospital & we dashed up to the mountains for a quick escape til tomorrow pm. We have Hannah’s dog Olia too so that’s nice for Chili- they play well together.

    So I had a few little walks around the village & lots of sits with the dogs playing in the river. Lovely just to smell the nature & stare at the mountain ! Only 20c which is a nice change.

    Im feeling quite energised still ( steroid effect tho they stopped yesterday). Expect to lose energy in a few days.

    So, no more mentioning of that naughty word xxx til September 🤩!!

    Take care, Ali xx

    ps I don’t like snails - think it’s the aspect ... I can do oysters & frogs legs tho!

  • Chilali1531Chilali1531 Posts: 135 ✭✭✭

    Chili & Olia

  • SunshinedaffSunshinedaff Posts: 1,445 ✭✭✭✭✭


    Hi Ali,

    Wonderful news!

    Enjoy your days away in the mountains. Lots of rest, relaxing, just chillin' and having fun with the dogs.

    I hope you don't have too much of a bump down to earth post steroids. My sister is on them still, she is a live wire, or like a cat on a hot tin roof! Can't sit still.

    Sending lots of love and hugs.


    Lou xx

  • Chilali1531Chilali1531 Posts: 135 ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the kind message Lou ! Xx

  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,273 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Chilali1531 @Sunshinedaff

    Hi Ali

    More great photographs and how lovely that you were able to leave hospital and head straight for the mountains with the dogs (and Peter of course). What’s more, 20c sounds just perfect.

    Haha Lou. Love the story about your Chr****** gifts. How lovely that you will be together for Hannah’s 21st. That will be extra special. I found out yesterday that four of the large boxes we put into storage are full of xxxxxx items. I told Mary it would be cheaper to take them to the tip and buy new rather than pay storage for the next 5 months but she was not impressed.

    It was a glorious day today but that did not stop us from having a bacon and egg butty by the sea. I wanted an ice cream with flake for afters but I was overruled so we settled for a Portuguese custard each instead.

    Chat soon.

    Rob xx

  • AnnebAnneb Posts: 186 ✭✭✭


    Oh Rob, i cant believe with your health problems you have Polymaligia as well. No wonder you are exhausted. When pete was in it full blown beau and i did everything for him. He was so week he couldnt lift a Caraway Seed. It was just such a diliberating disease and so hard to understand if you have never lived with it.

    The horrendous pain was so terrible. Beau and i felt helpless.

    Pete has built up a lot of muscle the last 2 years but he still has to be careful lifting.

    Beau still does all the whipper snipping and mowing as the vibrations kill pete. Also on his legs as he cant walk for a long time.

    Thats why he keeps doing his building ect, to try and stay fit.

    How long have you had it for.

    Margy xxxxx

  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,273 ✭✭✭✭✭


    Hi Margy

    I am so sorry to hear that Pete was in such pain with his polymyalgia. Mine came on quite suddenly. about a year ago. I could hardly get out of bed or climb the stairs and I could not even dress without Mary’s help. Eventually, I went to the doctor and he diagnosed polymyalgia which was confirmed by the results from blood tests. I was prescribed oral corticosteroids (prednisone) which have proved pretty effective in controlling the inflammation. Mary and I go for walks when I can and I do gentle routines with my exercise bands. It all helps and we are in a good place. Thank you for your kindness.

    I am so pleased that Pete is in remission. I just can’t believe he can do all those things I see in your photographs. You Mum certainly knew you were in safe hands with Pete.

    Mary is missing her garden, but otherwise, we are settling well into our new apartment. The neighbours are so lovely, we are very comfortable and when the cold weather arrives, we will be nice and warm too.

    Rob xxxx

  • AnnebAnneb Posts: 186 ✭✭✭


    Yes Rob

    Pete was the same as you. Went to bed on a saturday night with sore shoulders. He could not move with pain sunday morning. It was horrifying. Pete went on the same tablets as you for 2 years.

    Yes pete was the same. Couldnt shower so we bought a special shower chair, dry himself or dress.it was just terrible. Couldnt walk more than a few steps without being exhausted.

    You poir thing Rob, everytime pete gets a pain the 3 of us freak out🤣🤣🤣

    Just incase it has come back.

    Take care and dont do anything 💖💖😊😊


    Margy 🌹💘🌹💘🌹💘

  • AnnebAnneb Posts: 186 ✭✭✭

    Hello everyone,

    My post have been a little spasmotic as i cant get into LBW on a lot of days.

    I hope you are all well and your lovely summer gardens are blooming.

    Even thought we are in the middle of winter the trees are covered in blooms. The poor things dont know what is happening. Even though we are averaging -4 to 13 degrees is has not been a consistent winter. So they dont know what to do 🤣🤣🤣

    Have a lovely sunday when you wake

    Love Margy 💘🌹💘🌹💘

  • Chilali1531Chilali1531 Posts: 135 ✭✭✭

    Good evening all !

    Checking in from the mountains here where it’s a lovely 26c. We can sleep at night. Yesterday I needed platelets so I spent all afternoon in a lovely air conditioned room ( as opposed to 29c in our living room).

    I’ve never heard of Polymyalgia, gosh that must be hard to live with Rob & Margy. My daughter in law has Fibromyalgia & has épisodes where she’s in a lot of discomfort. She soldiers on & is a brave little thing. I say little because she is a very French-looking small-boned girl of approx 5 foot.She has a big personality tho!

    Glad to heat you have nice neighbours Rob- that makes such a difference. We have lovely ones who are crazy organic gardeners. In Lockdown we really made friends with them. They often walk Chili too which helps us. Personally I’d love an egg n bacon butty and a flake & would swap red wine & cheese for it. Well, maybe. Tho I can’t taste red wine nor chocolate much, they both taste bizarre!

    The garden both in Blagnac & here is looking quite sad. We desperately need water. The nearby river is v low & no good for canoeing this year. We didn’t manage to give the dogs a swim but they had a good paddle & enjoyed fetching sticks from the river. I like to lie in my bed with the window open here & listen to the river but this year I can hardly hear it. We had very little snow this year too so that hasn’t helped. Let’s hope for some really heavy storms in the next few weeks.

    Ive never seen so many tourists up here. I suppose everyone is staying in France & coastal & mountain resorts are full up. Toulouse is one of the towns in France where there’s a Covid peak so we will have to be super careful.

    I managed to take photos of sunflower fields the other day on our way here. But the weather was grey so they don’t look as good as when you have lovely blue sky behind. They’re past their best but still give me pleasure.

    Sleep well everyone, Ali xx

  • NanaBubblesNanaBubbles Posts: 160 ✭✭✭

    @Sunshinedaff @RobertA @Chilali1531 @Anneb @Jimjam @Nixster @jacksprat_x1

    Good evening all

    Hello from Oxfordshire where it is thankfully so much cooler after thunder and lightening storms and torrential rain overnight. My water butts were empty and are now almost full - hooray! Here is a photo of today’s pickings from my little greenhouse and veg planter. Considering it has all been grown from seed I feel quite pleased with it all! The house has not cooled down yet though - that’s the trouble/advantage with a stone built house, it takes ages to warm up and then ages to cool down again.

    It has been a good day today as my appointment at Oncology was changed to a ‘teleconsult’ this morning and I was so pleased when it was my lovely doctor who rang. He knows my case history and has taken me through the whole process of immunotherapy, pituitary and adrenal glands packing up, and all the various side effects. Anyway, the good news is that my PeT scan of a couple of weeks ago has showed no change since the January one and he does not want me to re-start immunotherapy for now at any rate! Next scan and appointment to be in about 4 months.

    I have loved looking at all your photos from everybody. France looks wonderful even if very hot Ali but I am so pleased your treatment is progressing. The sunflower fields still look spectacular! I hope you get some of the rain which has started here for your gardens - we curse the rain in the UK but when we don’t have it, my goodness we miss it. Our son and family lives in London and yesterday they were so dreadfully hot that I said I would do a rain dance - well, it worked for here!

    This is a photo of the flower bed alongside our patio looking refreshed after the rain.

    Lou, congratulations to you all on Hannah’s 21st! It is a big milestone in her life - and yours too! I remember how I felt when my youngest turned 40 - how did that happen so quickly! Ha ha!!

    I too have fibromyalgia which goes hand-in-hand with my rheumatoid arthritis. It is no fun at all when it gets bad and polymyalgia is worse I believe. I have for ages been taking (amongst my drug cocktail) tricyclic anti-depressants (dothiepin) but on a low dose, not as an anti-depressant but to calm down the nervous system. For me, this works very well and I make very sure that I don’t run out! Because it is a low dose, if it does flare up I can take an extra tablet. My heart goes out to everyone who suffers from this horrible condition.

    Be well friends and take care of yourselves.


    Michele x

  • RobertARobertA Posts: 1,273 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Chilali1531 @Sunshinedaff @NanaBubbles

    Good evening everyone

    Hi Ali. Sunflowers always look great whatever the weather. I trust you had an enjoyable break in the relative cool of the mountains. Keep away from those tourists though. We were Covid free until we started allowing visitors back into the Island but now we have had several positive tests, all brought in by holidaymakers.

    I am sorry to hear about your daughter in law’s Fibromyalgia. It always seems so unfair when young people get these things.

    Yes, we are lucky with our neighbours. It is a real pleasure to have lovely chats and smiles with them and I think our social life is really looking up. Yours sound fun too, and it is great that they like to take Chili for walks. Haha, we have to go easy on the egg and bacon butties as we have been putting on the pounds during lockdown. Nothing wrong with red wine and cheese though and I love French cheeses. 😀🍷🧀 Pre Covid, we had regular French markets, with traders popping over from St Malo to sell their wares. I am looking forward to seeing them come back again when the virus has cleared. They are missed.

    Hello Michele. I can see that you would be delighted to have some rain at last. I know we love the Sun, but England is so green and lovely and as you say, the rain does give us so much to be grateful for. Pity it always seems to come down when the cricket starts☹️ Your vegetables look delicious. Maybe I can be weaned off the bacon butties after all. I am thrilled to hear about your PeT scan and that you do not need to restart immunotherapy at the moment. Just what the doctor ordered. 👍😀 I am Sorry to hear of your fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. Thank goodness your treatments are effective. I saw my doctor yesterday and whilst discussing my polymyalgia, I said that during a recent attack, I felt like an old man. Then I said Haha, I AM an old man. He laughed ☹️

    Hi Lou. I hope that Hannah had a lovely 21st and that you all had some fun.

    Chat soon

    Rob xx

  • SunshinedaffSunshinedaff Posts: 1,445 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @RobertA @NanaBubbles @Nan @Anneb @Chilali1531 @jacksprat_x1 @Nixster @Jimjam

    Good morning everyone😊,

    Well I finally had a few hours sleep last night, the first for a week. I am soooo tired and exhausted. The rain arrived a little, but the temperature hasn't gone down much.

    How are all of you managing?? Ali, you have the cool mountains around you, it is great you have been able to make several visits recently. Margy you are in the middle of winter, I expect you have your fluffy slippers on!! When you are not working of course, unless you can get away with wearing them to work! 😂

    Michele I am so glad your recent appointment went well, not good the RA and fibromyalgia flares up the way it does. Your veggies look great, I imagine they taste delicious too, we are harvesting each day now which is great fun.

    Rob, I heard an advert for visiting Jersey yesterday for the first time in a long time, it isn't good your covid rate is rising as a result of visitors returning to the island.

    Today is Hannah's 21st birthday, she is going out for breakfast with a friend which is a huge deal. Tomorrow my sister is visiting, we will have, hopefully, a relaxed, chilled weekend. I had a disaster last night in the cake making! Complete disaster, so I need to bake another while she is out this morning! Nothing like being prepared! 😂😂, I was crying last night though, as I was so tired and hot. I stopped functioning and poor Phoebe had to fix things, bless her. We are also celebrating Phoebe's exam success, she did exceptionally well in her A Levels, she worked so very hard for them all the way through.

    As I write this, it is so very still outside, nothing is moving, not even the air!! The sunflowers are all open, falling all over themselves, they are so top heavy. Lol. Mark is just up, he is watering the garden for me😊.

    Last week, we went out, unusual for us in these times. We finally decided enough is enough and visited a bed shop to ordered a new mattress. Yay! 😄. Really hoping it will make some difference to the pain I have, and help us both sleep better. Think it will be about 6 weeks before we receive it.

    Right, the coffee is ready, so will end for now as I am very ready for it😂.

    I hope everyone has a peaceful weekend.

    Chat soon,

    Lou xxx

  • NanaBubblesNanaBubbles Posts: 160 ✭✭✭


    Hi Lou

    Sounds like a weekend to celebrate all round so congrats to Hannah and also to Phoebe on her results, particularly when there is so much in the news about our young people being down graded from their forecast results and not being able to take up their uni offers. It is such a big deal for them so I will look forward to hearing that Phoebe has got into her chosen uni. Bless her for helping you out with the cake situation too which sounds like a nightmare when you were so tired! What a lovely fun idea for Hannah to go out for breakfast on her birthday - I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

    I am sorry that you are having such a lot of pain and not getting proper sleep - I absolutely know how that feels. Let’s hope that the new mattress will help and that now it is cooler you will be able to catch up with yourself too. It seems a long wait though - you would think that after lockdown the shop would be falling over itself to sell stock quickly!! We had a new bed a while ago and it did make a huge difference to both of us! The trouble is that now if we go away I am like the princess and the pea! Lol! I had my first decent night’s sleep for about a week last night and really didn’t want to get up this morning! It is about 18 degrees outside here now and drizzling but still 25 inside! I think it was Wednesday that I was just melting all day and my hair was plastered to my head all day!!

    Take care of yourself.


    Michele xx

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